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5 Better Ways To Explain Robin Williams' Death
He was just how we like our men- Funny and a little soft around the...
Tekk That!
Which Phone Case Should I Buy?
This is one question we often hear from our friends or family members buy an...
Tekk That!
The Facts About Samsung S5
The Samsung S5 is the giant’s 2014 flagship device. This phone is by no means...
Why Your Parents Were Probably Right About Abstaining From Sex
Sex is a taboo. EGAD! You don’t say. Yes, indeed youngling. It’s actually not all...
An Interview With Upasana Makati - Founder Of India’s first Braille English Lifestyle Magazine – White Print
Close your eyes! Okay, actually don’t do that. You have to read further. Imagine how...
Tekk That!
In the tech space, products of the same line are expected to release at frequency...
Movie Review: 2 States
It’s tough to compartmentalize Chetan Bhagat’s work as literature but it definitely serves as a...
This is NOT the most amazing thing you will read today
“The internet used to be a beautiful place. And then Buzzfeed and Scoopwhoop happened.” -...
Movie Review: Gunday
Their bromance was all over your television screens, their chemistry was sold like hot cakes...
For The MTV India Social Media Team
"M.T.V - Music Television" What is music really? Is it life? Is it the blood...
Yes, let’s talk about sex, baby. But before we do, let us consider the amount...
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