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Do You Know Why This Is A Special Day, Men?
That we live in a patriarchal society, is common knowledge. Men are behind most crimes...
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5 Social Networks Of The Elite
The Internet was once an ideal world. This is where you could see equality, freedom...
Movie Review : Nightcrawler
Okay, let me set the stage for you. As a Nolan stooge, I did everything...
Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Religious Places During Their Period
Ever since I was a kid, I was told to hush up about ‘that time...
Movie Review: Interstellar
There are pioneers in every field of life. These are people who push the bar...
5 Better Ways To Explain Robin Williams' Death
He was just how we like our men- Funny and a little soft around the...
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Which Phone Case Should I Buy?
This is one question we often hear from our friends or family members buy an...
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The Facts About Samsung S5
The Samsung S5 is the giant’s 2014 flagship device. This phone is by no means...
Why Your Parents Were Probably Right About Abstaining From Sex
Sex is a taboo. EGAD! You don’t say. Yes, indeed youngling. It’s actually not all...
An Interview With Upasana Makati - Founder Of India’s first Braille English Lifestyle Magazine – White Print
Close your eyes! Okay, actually don’t do that. You have to read further. Imagine how...
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In the tech space, products of the same line are expected to release at frequency...
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