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Movie Review: 2 States
It’s tough to compartmentalize Chetan Bhagat’s work as literature but it definitely serves as a...
This is NOT the most amazing thing you will read today
“The internet used to be a beautiful place. And then Buzzfeed and Scoopwhoop happened.” -...
Movie Review: Gunday
Their bromance was all over your television screens, their chemistry was sold like hot cakes...
For The MTV India Social Media Team
"M.T.V - Music Television" What is music really? Is it life? Is it the blood...
Yes, let’s talk about sex, baby. But before we do, let us consider the amount...
Things To Learn From Famous Trilogies
The new formula for making money is clearly to write a book then write a...
How To Ensure Getting An Auto-Rickshaw/Cab?
“ Boss/Bhaiya/Bhaisaab xyz chaloge? ” *Drives off* I don’t react too well to rejections. My...
Fairness Is The Reason For Shahrukh Khan's Success
Shahrukh Khan got a boo boo again. He’s being a douche, yet again. That’s actually...
Coshish is a hindi prog-rock band from aamchi Mumbai. If Rock-on comes to mind, stop...
Things Never To Say To A vegetarian
Vegetarians are the only few people of honour left on this planet. We don’t the...
Tekk That!
The Rise And Fall Of BBM
If you’ve not logged in into your Facebook account for the past few days, do...
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