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Movie Review : Badlapur Boys
“Kabaddi deserves a better commercial movie.” I do this quite often. Go to a very...
Movie Review : The Hobbit - The Battle Of The Five Armies
"Whatcha gonna do now, Peter Jackson?" After 53 years of age, 3 academy awards and...
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The Underdog: Huawei Honor 6
There has been a lot of talk & reviews floating about flagship phones released by...
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Should You Upgrade To The Nexus 6 Or Stay With Nexus 5
There is a lot of stir in the online space with the announcement/release of the...
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Gadget Review: Sony Xperia Z3
We all have known the Sony Xperia to be a rather sexy device as compared...
Why Men WILL watch 50 Shades Of Grey
I was on a quest. My quest was simple yet as overwhelming as Frodo's trek...
Do You Know Why This Is A Special Day, Men?
That we live in a patriarchal society, is common knowledge. Men are behind most crimes...
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5 Social Networks Of The Elite
The Internet was once an ideal world. This is where you could see equality, freedom...
Movie Review : Nightcrawler
Okay, let me set the stage for you. As a Nolan stooge, I did everything...
Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Religious Places During Their Period
Ever since I was a kid, I was told to hush up about ‘that time...
Movie Review: Interstellar
There are pioneers in every field of life. These are people who push the bar...
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