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Government Bans 32 websites including Vimeo and Dailymotion
There are certain pros and cons to things becoming popular and mainstream. The internet is...
10 Times The Internet Won In India In 2014
Does anyone really remember 2014? I certainly don’t. 2014 was one the fastest years to...
Movie Review : PK
“Ek tho sawaal thha hamre mann mein!” *This contains minimum to no spoilers.* PK is...
Movie Review : Badlapur Boys
“Kabaddi deserves a better commercial movie.” I do this quite often. Go to a very...
Movie Review : The Hobbit - The Battle Of The Five Armies
"Whatcha gonna do now, Peter Jackson?" After 53 years of age, 3 academy awards and...
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The Underdog: Huawei Honor 6
There has been a lot of talk & reviews floating about flagship phones released by...
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Should You Upgrade To The Nexus 6 Or Stay With Nexus 5
There is a lot of stir in the online space with the announcement/release of the...
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Gadget Review: Sony Xperia Z3
We all have known the Sony Xperia to be a rather sexy device as compared...
Why Men WILL watch 50 Shades Of Grey
I was on a quest. My quest was simple yet as overwhelming as Frodo's trek...
Do You Know Why This Is A Special Day, Men?
That we live in a patriarchal society, is common knowledge. Men are behind most crimes...
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5 Social Networks Of The Elite
The Internet was once an ideal world. This is where you could see equality, freedom...
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