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We all know about Wii and have either played at their friend’s place or at a mall. Or if you are like me, went ahead and bought it. The Wii was a major game changer in the world of gaming consoles and made Microsoft and PlayStation really think about their strategies.

Microsoft decided to do away completely with controllers for its Xbox 360 console, while Sony introduced a new groovy wand-ish controller to implement motion gaming in the awesome PlayStaion 3. Hewlett-Packard (HP) decided to join in the fun and introduced a new motion sensing controller for PCs!!



If you are a guy, do you remember how you went OMG when you saw your first piece of porn (can’t think of anything that would have made a girl go OMG like that). The first time I checked out Kinect on the net, trust me, it was better than my first piece of porn.

Some of you have probably already seen videos about Kinect - it was codenamed Milo and Natal earlier and has been in the works since a few years.

Anyways, Kinect is a new system from Microsoft that makes your traditional controllers obsolete by turning your body into the controller !!

The Kinect sensor is a small horizontal bar that you can place below your TV. It features a camera, depth sensor and microphone that combine together to give you a pretty awesome experience - full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition capabilities. The Kinect sensor's microphone array enables the Xbox 360 to conduct acoustic source localization and ambient noise suppression, allowing for things such as headset-free party chat over Xbox Live.

What does all this mean? Well, for starters, in a game of tennis you can use your own hands as the racquet + no more button punching for those dancing games - just dance like you normally do. You can even play/pause a movie by saying “Xbox Play” or “Xbox Pause”. Yeah!

Enough talk, take a look at these videos.



There is a good chance that while playing using the Kinect you might end looking like a total maniac. Also, sometimes I like a controller in my hand for the feedback. Without all that vibration ( :P perv!) it’s just not the same!




PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move is a new controller for the PlayStation. It is somewhat like the WiiMote (Wii’s default controller) but with a huge glowing orb at the top. It looks a bit like a torch or (if you are into fantasy and all) a wand.




The PlayStation move consists of one more controller called the navigation controller that looks like a normal remote.


The big flashy orb at the top of the controller is used by the PlayStation Eye camera to keep a track of its movements (that’s right, you will have to buy the PS Eye camera for Move to work). Other than that it is more or less like a Wii except with much more awesome graphics. Much much more awesome!






HP Swing

The HP Swing is a motion sensing controller, much like the WiiMote, for the PC. It is surprisingly available only in India!

HP Swing supports (don’t hold your breath) games such as – tennis, bowling, baseball and pool!! I mean seriously, who would have thought of introducing motion gaming for such games :P

Oh and it’s not sold separately – only available with new HP Pavilion Desktops. No, I am not running to go buy one.


Motion Gaming Can Make You Look Stupid!

Don't believe me? Check out this vid of a friend playing Wii Boxing!





Although the future of gaming looks pretty exciting, I wouldn’t go out and buy any of them right way. I mean, yeah, Kinect looks pretty cool , but I am sure it comes with its own range of bugs. Right now, I am pretty content with my Wii (cos I can’t really afford a PlayStation).

Vivek Ranjan

Reader! Before you go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!

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