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This first decade of the 21st century has been the most remarkable one I would say and I know there will be quite a few people out there who will agree with me. Be if fashion, film, technology, scams and scandals, I don't think there has ever gone a week without me getting to know something new or interesting be it through the newspaper or just plain word of mouth. The best advances were done in technology where the cut throat competition just let to better devices and cheaper prices, well, which is what the public always wants.

The first few years of the new century (sounds like a huge thing!) were when it was considered a privilege, even God-like for someone to own a cell phone. A phone with nothing but calling and messaging service, maybe the better ones would have a radio too. Ten years down the line, we have the iPhone and the latest, Streak which not only gives a variety of previously unimaginable facilities but also comfort and easy handling. From calling to listening to songs to playing games to using the internet on your phone, not to mention the huge screen space in touch screen phones, people just couldn’t get enough of this pocket friendly device and even wallet friendly to many.

When once it was thought that 15 year old kids are too young to have cell phones, today, even 12 year olds are allowed to use it. Let alone cell phone, they’re even allowed to have a Facebook account, the likes of which didn’t even exist in the minds of people a few years ago. Something even better was the recent applications which allow one to use Facebook on our phones too, keeping us in touch all the time. Then there comes the mobile PC, rather laptop, which has become quite the necessary asset to many people including students. Last minute changes, on the spot editing, sending a mail from the train wouldn’t have been possible if there hadn’t’ been laptops or even portable broadband for a fact.

A flashback makes me remember all the different and some even weird clothes that I have seen these ten years. The year when bell-bottom jeans made a comeback and everywhere I saw people had inches of extra cloth around their legs to the latest trend, which has stayed for quite a long time, of skinny jeans in which you actually have the danger of it getting torn somewhere. Then there was the sudden increase of winter wear due to the drastic change in weather conditions where for a change we got to see more of clothes than of skin. Then there were the polka dots, gladiator sandals etc.etc. This was the girls section. Talking about boys the days when people thought that low waist jeans, and Branded underwear would make a girl go weak for him are thankfully gone and now we have some decent dressing on that side of the chromosome too.

Scams, scandals, crimes, these things have always been there but I think that the media has evolved in a huge number this decade that it’s actually impossible to hide things like these from them, and in turn from the public who watch it. It would be cruel on my part to say that there were so many scams, but you’d agree that this year witnessed the most number of sensational breaking news, so much so that I’d actually forget the previous day’s news when I’d see the front page headlines. Bollywood too had its share of scandals with the rape charges on Shiney Ahuja to the sad Swayamvars of two people who had nothing else to do with their lives.

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy; so how can I leave sports out? Sachin was at his best form this whole year and records were broken not only in cricket but also in football and tennis, for what I know. And if you’d like to weave things, then scandals even in sports ranging from football players to cricket to golf and even athletics. Seems like people just don’t get enough of their own lives.

This decade has experienced change like never before which grew like a spider’ web and will even grow in the years to come. Still, it feels like the whole decade went by real quickly. Among the things that it brought along with it, some stayed while some were shown the door real quick, either ways it was just a stepping stone to something even better and bigger. The year has ended and yes along with it came the prediction that in 2 more years the Earth will no longer exist. How much truth does the Mayan theory hold cannot be said but there are many who believe it to be false and for these people the new decade will hold another gift for them.


From Facebook to fashion, from iPhone to affairs, we’ve seen a variety of the world this decade. With just a hope that the next decade doesn’t have many terrorist attacks and innovation is not hampered in any way I think it’s a great way to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Vishaka Chakrapani

Science turned BMM student coz I knew writing was my thingg and not Engineering or finding out the distance of the moon and Pluto. So here I am, writing and reporting and soon-to-be Future Journalist of India. Look out for my name in a leading newspaper in a few years!

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