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In a world where change is the only constant, our minds have wandered around and stayed committed to some unholy being’s controversial non-sense that it has begun justifying its preference over the hectic workload of studies and has turned us into helpless nomads. Now STOP! If that actually made sense to you then you better not read what follows.
The world’s most deadliest addiction – yep that’s Facebook – has raised the curtains on a cool new feature that’ll make you even more addicted to the Blue Brigade, as if you aren’t already.

For starters, do you know about 3.76% of Facebook's daily active user-base search for new Facebook chat emoticons on Google every day? I know you don’t care. But Mark Zuckerberg does. And acting on statistics such as these, he and his team of geniuses have enhanced Facebook chat with the introduction of custom smileys. But before we get to the real deal, a little bit of bhaashan won’t hurt, no?

Now, there are plenty of chat emoticons (or smileys as you may call it) out there on Facebook that you may not feel the need of having a custom emoticon. If that is actually what you feel then that’s because you still don’t know the power of custom emoticons. For a long time, Facebook only had one custom smiley. The code :putnam: would show the face of Facebook engineer Chris Putnam. But now, with this cool new trick, or should I say ‘Emoticon Attyachar’ (read below to know why), you can replace verbs, nouns, and adjectives with whoever represents them best. And that secret custom emoticon is: actual pictures of Facebook users.

The trick is pretty simple and easy to use. With it, you can use the profile picture of any user, official Page, or event as an emoticon while chatting on Facebook. This means, you can now make an emoticon out of your best friend, Chuck Norris, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama or anyone else you like. This opens up a whole new way to express complex emotions. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to any profile, official Page, or event whose profile picture you want to use as an emoticon.
  2. Look at the URL. Find the username or profile ID at the end of the URL such as "firstain" from, "cocacola" from, or "45197362282" (if the URL has an ID instead of a name)
  3. Place that name or number in double brackets like this: [[firstain]]
  4. Enter that into a Facebook Chat or Message field. When you send it, the bracketed number or letters will appear as that person, Page, or event’s current profile picture.

For example: if you write “do you like [[firstain]] ? 8|” the result would be something like this:

Now ain’t that cool?

You can use these cool custom emoticons from both web and mobile, though you can see them only in the web version. The mobile version will show the text as it is - for example: [[firstain]].

Similarly, you can’t use them in status updates, wall posts, or comments yet. They appear pretty small, but you can hover over the photos to view the username it belongs too. Community Pages, those that aren’t owned by anyone and that display a Wikipedia entry, can’t be used as well.

You can even get creative with your chat messages while conversing with someone. Need an example? We have plenty:

Haha! Imagine your friend saying something and you reply: Don’t be such a Justin Beiber” lol that would surely hurt (unless he or she is a Beleiber >_<)

Now, to the reason why I called Facebook’s new emoticon gimmick an ‘attyachar’ is because being creative isn’t easy. To be creative and produce a chat transcript like what you see above, you need codes to enter into the double brackets (to create your custom emoticon. To enter the codes you need to know them. And if you don’t know them, half your life will just go searching for some good profile pics used by Facebook entities and then get their codes and then enter it into your chat and then press enter. Sigh! Your friend’s already offline.

Anyway, it’s a fun new addition by the Facebook team nonetheless. So go give it a try. For your sake I’m listing below some handy codes so you can get started straight away. Don’t forget to drop by my blog or even my website (Apple fans would love it!) to say hi!

Here are few ideas for people and Pages you could use as emoticons:
Merry Christmas code:
[[106596672714242]] [[115430438474268]] [[106699962703083]] [[106699962703083]] [[112416755444217]].
[[115602405121532]] [[111356865552629]] [[106699962703083]] [[109294689102123]] [[115927268419031]] [[112669162092780]] [[106596672714242]] [[107015582669715]] [[115927268419031]].


  • Firstain - [[firstain]]
  • Badass – (Chuck Norris) [[46637413257]]
  • Eloquence - [[WilliamShakespeare1]]
  • Pirate - [[CaptainJackSparrow]]
  • President, leadership - [[barackobama]]
  • Bro - [[DJPAULYD]]
  • Male attractiveness - (Ryan Gosling) [[246631252031491]]
  • Boyishness – [[JustinBieber]]
  • Relaxation - [[BobMarley]]
  • Condescension, judgment - [[simoncowell]]
  • Adventure, auto theft – [[VinDiesel]]
  • Brilliance, controversial brilliance – [[Zuck]]
  • Loudmouth - [[theuncrunched]]
  • Greed - [[DonaldTrump]]
  • Drunk – (David Hasselhoff) [[123670240998921]]
  • Santa Claus - [[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]]
  • Terrible art - [[Nickelback]]
  • Winning – [[CharlieSheen]]
  • Disapproval – Fry from Futurama [[[278104690058]]
  • [[171108522930776]] TroLL
  • [[164413893600463]] MEGUSTA
  • [[218595638164996]] YAO
  • [[189637151067601]] Lol
  • [[129627277060203]] Poker face.
  • [[227644903931785]] Forever ALONE.
  • [[100002752520227]] OKAY
  • [[105387672833401]] FK YEA.
  • [[100002727365206]] CH AC.
  • [[125038607580286]] Forever alone navidad.
  • [[143220739082110]] FK KIDDING ME.
  • [[168040846586189]] Feel like a Sir.
  • [[169919399735055]] NOT BAD.
  • [[142670085793927]] M O G.
  • [[170815706323196]] Cereal Guy.
  • [[167359756658519]] NO
  • [[224812970902314]] Derp
  • [[192644604154319]] Derpina

There are plenty of online code compilations out there already so remember Google when in need ;)

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