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Most of my family elders these days are talking about rise in prices of onions some 10 years ago when BJP Govt. was toppled off from its position. As the old age habit of flaunting your analysis goes, everyone is predicting the same for the present Govt. But hey who gives a damn! The Mc Aloo tikki is now priced 5 rupees more than it used to by a well known fast food chain which is advertising about its new price where a cute lil boy is complaining about shopaholic girlfriend and so on and so forth. Not only that, life is now a misery for all the vegetarians where they are left to chose between just 5 to 6 vegetables in a week and all other veggies are just a luxury.


And Onions lets not go there, talking about onions gets tears into in my eyes when its not even around. The Great Indian Onion Salads that used to be served in tasty Punjabi Dhabas have gone into coma, with very less chances of recuperating. Even the Pakistani Onions seem unwilling to to fill up the Indian Palate.



While the Income Tax Dept. is busy raiding houses of Nashik Onion farmers, Mr. PM has to get agriculture minister’s acts straight, who these days is just bothered about upcoming World Cup matches. Not that I m not a cricket fan, its just that a minister shunning away from his moral responsibility for which he is elected by a billion people should not blame the rise on ‘demand –supply gap’ and be engrossed on his cricketing duties, for which he is chosen by a handful of people and for a game which is hardly played by 8 countries..


Its tough to say if Govt. is serious in tackling inflation most of which should be blamed on black marketing and hoarding. It’s intriguing to notice that Govt. has failed to take phenomenal steps to keep check on them, which points to a covert nexus between parliamentarians and the hoarders. Of course our MPs are stakeholders of all most of the corruption that take place in the country!

Not just Veggie, prices of even cooking gas, now steel, petrol, cement, are se to give Aam Aadmi, who is not even an expert on wealth management , a mental breakdown. So,
which now means not even veggies it’s now tough to buy or drive a car, a home, and even cook!!

This has given a jolt to mommy’s monthly budgets and hence to my pocket money which has called for a near demise of my shopping spree.

Now that Pranab dada is going over the top announcing how strong the fundamentals of Indian Economy are, the clearly complacent undertone of the minister makes me doubt his eye sight which views the Aam Aadmi as the Ambani!!

I really wonder if the rised prices will come down or we the aam admi will be forced to live with this like an ugly reality.
Clearly the Govt. is taking our votes for granted, wonder what they result would have been if the elections were to take place now.I guess Pranab dada will not need Baba Ramdev’s pranayam to correct his eye sight and could clearly distinguish between Ambani and the Aam Admi!



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Krithika Babu


The writer is a mast commerce student pursuing Chartered Accountancy, and an aspiring journo,following her dreams....and now if your disappointed at my boring blurb, blame your high mail her at [email protected]smiley

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