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Album : Gold Cobra

Artist : Limp Bizkit

Track listing :
1. Introbra - 1:20
2. Bring It Back - 2:17
3. Gold Cobra - 3:53
4. Shark Attack - 3:26
5. Get a Life - 4:54
6. Shotgun - 4:33
7. Douche Bag - 3:42
8. Walking Away-4:45
9. Loser - 4:53
10. Autotunage - 5:00
11. 90.2.10 - 4:18
12. Why Try - 2:51
13. Killer in You - 3:46



After a high-profile reunion leading to the return of the original line-up, Limp Bizkit are finally back after a long time. This is their first album in over 5 years and also marks the return of the charismatic yet very underrated guitarist-Wes Borland. So what is the result like? Are they spitting venom with this Cobra?

Before reviewing them, it is important to point out that they’ve always been a band for teenagers and yuppies with the juvenile and pseudo-aggressive vocals Fred Durst always spits out in his whiny yet catchy voice, while most of their loyal fan base (including me) is now past their 20s and a little wiser (I hope!) than their early Rollin’ and Eat You Alive days, the lyrics are not going to be quite Shakespeare-like and are typical good ol’ profane Fred Durst. So like any Limp Bizkit album, this album should be checked out for its awesome instrumentation, specially the dual Guitar-Bass attack on almost every track.

So, let’s go for it.

The album begins with the short noise-filled Introbra (WTF?! don’t expect logical song and album titles, this is Limp Bizkit!) which leads to the first song called Bring It Back. This straightaway reminds one of Wes Borland’s importance to the band, a groovy riff more suitable for Heavy Metal leads to Hip Hop beats where Fred Durst’s lyrics once again prove that they haven’t matured much really (I’mma rip your shit like a slasher scene, we’re still raining blood in the club like Slayer) but surely brings back the old LB vibe. Decent intro but nothing special. This song leads to one of the best songs on this album.

The title track begins with another blazing guitar and drum intro which makes you wanna get up and party till you drop dead! This is one song that should be checked out with headphones, to notice the subliminal bass playing in the verse. The chorus is kickass too, with an awesome rhythm section and probably another weird Wes Borland technique.

The DJ Lethal-ish outro leads to Shark Attack - the sequel to their old hit Break Stuff ( Its just one of those days when you don’t wanna wake up, everything is fucked, everybody sucks) The song begins with a similar line and has another cool chorus where Wes uses the guitar pedal to full effect. The lyrics are typical Fred Durst again with usage of words like fucked up ass, I’m a maniac, microphone hustler, bad mothafucka’. But the song keeps the Gold Cobra secret alive. The next song is called Get A Life -a song so lyrically brain-dead even by the usual Limp Bizkit standards, it amazes me. While it probably has the heaviest chorus this album can boast of, I couldn’t get through to the end the first time I listened to it because of the uber-fucking bad lyrics.

But thankfully, patience does reward you indeed, because the next song, called Shotgun, is their coolest song in a very very long time which begins with a killer sliding riff from Wes and leads to absolute Metal mayhem, while the lyrics aren’t special even in this one, this is one song that will make you sing word-to-word after you’ve gone through it a couple of times, the awesome instrumentation and a rare guitar solo only make it special. This is definitely the coolest song on this album, surely a winner!

Almost halfway into the album and we have a mixed bag so far.

Unfortunately, its all downhill from here. The next song - Douchebag, is a very weird song. While it has the most interesting song structure on this album, you almost wonder if they didn’t realize that this song could’ve become a Limp Bizkit epic if not for the total brain-dead chorus(Douchebag, I’mma fuck you up, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you up).This leads to probably the first and the last decent and pensive kind of song for this album - Walking Away, this song once again proves (like Build A Bridge) that these guys can be mature ‘musicians’ when they want to be. Even Fred cannot destroy this one, awesome song but unfortunately, there’s nothing much left to be appreciated on this album really.

The next song called Loser is a dull Fred Durst self-analysis better stayed away from. Autotunage is not even worth a single listen and 90.2.10 has a catchy chorus and huge DJ Lethal presence but not much to enjoy, really. Why Try has very good music-work again but by this time it all feels very monotonous.

Album closer, Killer In You, has amazing guitar work again and this time Fred turns into a psycho killer (born in the chambers of hell) and mocks what the fuck you gonna do about that? Let me shit in your motherfuckin’ underwear, outrageous lyrics again but the subliminal guitar playing again proves why it is important to check out this album in spite of all the Fred Durst non-sense.

I’ll give it a 7 ( 9 if you can somehow manage to edit the whole album using some software and convert it into the pure instrumental form they should’ve released it in). I’m done.


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