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Addictions are generally supposed to be a bad thing. But, fortunately I have never heard anyone complain about an addiction to music (except parents, but well, they don’t really count :P ). It’s there whenever you need it. It’s there whenever you are feeling low. It’s there whenever you are feeling on top of the world. And it’s there whenever you are feeling somewhere-in-between those emotions. Or for that matter any other emotions.

Yeah, I love music too. But the problem with me: I tend to get bored of the stuff I listen to, pretty quickly.  Plus the sources for new kinds of music are limited to TV and friends.

So I set out to find a solution to that problem and see how the awesomeness, that is the internet, can help me. And I found this:







If you haven’t already heard of, you probably live on a desolated island and are reading this from a printout that flew out of someone’s window and into the sea. No, I don’t know why and how it did not sink to the bottom. has turned out to be a major phenomenon. It’s like Facebook for music. It allows you to listen to songs based on artists, genres, etc. You can even listen to songs based on your mood. Just enter your mood in the search bar and choose songs that other users have tagged based on that mood. It’s pretty simple stuff.

What’s Hot:  It’s damn simple +

What’s Not:  Well, it’s a bit too simple + you cannot fine tune your preferences.



2. Musicovery




Musicovery is a fun, colourful, crazy ass site that lets you listen to music based on your current mood.

Using it is very simple. There is this graph for selecting your mood – y-axis is for energetic/calm and x-axis for dark/positive. Choose your appropriate mood. Then select the decade which you want your songs to belong to (there is an all option too!). After that select your preferred genres. And voila! You have a full family-tree-ish graph of songs based on your mood, genre and decade preferences.

The graph has colourful splashes at intervals which denote the genre of the song (rap-dark red, rock-blue, soul-green, etc.). You can ban songs you don’t like, thus, getting the next song in the line-up. There’s also a discovery feature that lets you just surf through the Musicovery library.

What’s Hot: Colourful, fun, easy to use and lets of options to fiddle around with.

What’s Not: You have to register on the site to shuffle around or play a specific song.






The people at AUPEO!, claim to love music. But then, who doesn’t?

The only weird thing about AUPEO! is its name. Everything else is pretty straight forward. The design, the options, the music player, everything – straightforward. It allows you to start a station based on your favourite artist or choose pre-defined stations.

 You can even choose a station based on your mood. There are a total of 10 moods to choose from. Select your mood and ask AUPEO! to get you songs based on that mood. By default it searches all genres, but you can narrow that down to one (You have nine genres to choose from).

You can shuffle your songs or change the search criteria if you don’t like what’s playing. While you are listening to the music, AUPEO! displays the album art of the current song. I like that (I have this weird fetish for album art).

What’s Hot: Simple. You can start listening to your songs quickly.

What’s Not: Only one emotion/mood and genre (if not all) at a time.


4. Thesixtyone



This site is visually mind blowing! The reason I keep going back to this site is that they display these really kick-ass-awesome pictures in the background.

Thesixtyone is a great site if you are looking for new music. They try to highlight new artists, which I believe is a good thing. On the other sites you will get stuff you have listened to earlier. Here, you probably wouldn’t have.

You can just shuffle through the site library or get songs based on your mood. Go to the top right corner where it says “Popular” and then choose moods. From there, you can choose any of the listed moods.

While the song is playing, the site displays awesome pictures in the background (as I have already mentioned) and some really interesting information about the artist.

What’s Hot: Awesome photos. Interesting trivia. Clutter free interface.

What’s Not: Not exactly user friendly – you have to learn your way around.



5. iLike Sidebar


iLike Sidebar

You might have used iLike on its standalone website or its Facebook application (called Music). The iLike Sidebar is an application that can be downloaded and installed on your computer (Mac or PC). It can be used in tandem with the iTunes music player or the Windows Media Player.

The iLike sidebar is a great application to stay updated about your favourite artists and get free MP3s from new artists. These MP3s are based on your tastes so your probability of liking them is pretty high.

You can even share your library, likes and playlists on Facebook.

To go to the iLike sidebar download page, click here.

What’s Hot: Gives recommendations and updates based on your current library.

What’s Not: Application is quite the resource hog.


6. Genius Sidebar Genius Icon

The Genius feature, introduced in iTunes 8, automatically generates a playlist of songs from the user's library which are similar to the selected song. Genius playlists are created by the ratings system and collaborative filtering. An iTunes Store account is required because information about the user's library must first be sent anonymously to Apple's database.

The Genius Sidebar will similarly recommend selections for purchase from the iTunes Store based on the selected library track.

Although the genius feature in itself does not help you in discovering new music, the sidebar displays recommended tracks and the recommendations are pretty good.

What’s Hot: Very accurate and generally gives what you are looking for. All you have to do is select a track.

What’s Not: Works only in iTunes. iTunes store account is required (credit card needed).



If you know any other great site like these then please let us know in the comments. Happy Hunting!

Vivek Ranjan

Reader! Before you go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!

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