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Year : 2000

Neighborhood Uncle : so son, what are you studying?

Boy : Uncle I’m doing my engineering!

Uncle : Very nice! Come and visit us with your parents sometime.


Year : 2010

Neighborhood Uncle : So son, what are you studying?

Boy : Uncle I’m doing my engineering!

Uncle : oh, ok! (*in his mind *: stay away from my daughter!!)


Enough is enough! We engineers are humans too all right!! I mean, just a few years back, if you were an engineering student you were the dude in your society. Quite a catch for most chicks. The mere sight of you with the engineering degree at the end of 4 years was probably an orgasmic fantasy for woman folk. And today, today we’re given no respect whatsoever.

Leave alone the outsiders, our brothers in suffering (fellow engg students) are the ones spreading msgs like these:

Beggar: allah ke naam pe kuchh de de.

Student: ye le meri B.Tech ki degree rakh le.

Beggar: nahi chahiye. Tujhe chahiye toh meri M.Tech ki rakh le!


And many more such derogatory msgs are doing the rounds. People responsible are us. Today we have no respect in other’s eyes. Silly law and commerce students think they’re better than us. I say give them a microprocessors text book and they’ll know why it’s a big deal to do engineering. The situation is worsening by the day. Sanjay , a friend of mine once famously said “dude, we’re engineers! We don’t have no dignity or self respect!”.


The situation is alarming. We need to take some immediate steps to restore our collective pride. Here are some preventive measures:

  1. Derogatory engg msgs should be forwarded only to fellow engineers and not to other stream students.
  2.  No cheap shots mentioning our lack of self respect in the presence of ‘outsiders’.
  3.  A little bit of technical talk jus to show off in front of outsiders won’t hurt.
  4.  STOP ACTING SO DESPARATE!!!! I know that a decent looking girl/guy is difficult to find in an engineering college, but c’mon, control man!


So here’s hoping that soon enough people will start treating us respectfully. Hopefully that’ll be before I pass out!


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