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Game Of Thrones (GOT) has taken the world by storm. When people suffering from 50 degree May Delhi heat sound scared while saying “Winter is coming.” you know the show has hit Indian laptops bigtime. Reasons for its success vary from region to region though. For example, Chennai’s jewellery shops have a great day at business everytime Cersei wears a new golden ornament. And we all know why GOT got so famous in Delhi. *cough*  nudity  *cough*


I have observed something interesting though. We have a desi game of thrones happening in this country. For real! The resemblance, once someone super intelligent and sexy (me!), points it out to you, will be uncanny. And to make this even more profound, I shall draw similarities between families, or houses as they are called in GOT. And before that tiny irritating worm in your brain asks the obvious question, let me tell you where this GOT in India is based. Well, in this country there is only one game of thrones. Politics.

House Targaryen

This is family that ruled since you can remember. They believe that ruling is their birthright almost since they are superior to the others. A family with a glorious history with sometimes larger than life elements, like dragons. And if that wasn’t cool enough, they somehow have looks different than all their subjects. Almost as if they came from a foreign land (which they did infact). Now the only one holding the torch of this family is a stern, powerful woman who single handedly moves empires. The mother of dragons, they call her. She’s the one spitting most of the fire though. Who else could it be besides the.....

Gandhi Family.


And her husband, Khal Drogo,  was once the leader of men too. Rajiv Gandhi.

Her ancestor, Aegon the conqueror, was the first conqueror of Westeros. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of free India.

Do you see it now?


House Lannister

“A Lannister always pays his debts”

When your house motto itself has money mindedness written all over it, it becomes very simple for me to narrow down the choices. This house has to be Gujarati, Marwari or Sindhi. We need something more to settle on one choice. Wait a second, this motto talks about paying debts, not accumulating them. Cross out the Sindhis right there. And since Marwari and Gujju is like tomato-tomaato, we’re good to go now. Therefore the Indian Lannister family is..

The Modi Family.

Now, the Modi family is not something we’re really familiar with. So for the sake of the argument, we’ll consider all the power hungry BJP netas as the family. Afterall, the Lannister hunger for power is quite famous too. And Modi does kind of resemble Tywin Lannister. No comments about the incest part. I don’t want to die by the trishool.

I somehow see Sushma Swaraj and see a lot of Cersei in her. Shrewd, powerful, good orator and hungry for control. And Gadkari is the Imp. Don't ask me why, he just has that half-man vibe. If you know what I mean.


House Baratheon

"The Baratheons fight each other."
―Daenerys Targaryen to Ser Jorah Mormont.

One of them once sparked a rebellion against the throne and then eventually wielded enough clout to sit on it himself. His fighting capabilities are legendary. This has to be the Marathi son of the soil himself. And this house has to be...

The Thackerey Family.

The powerful leader eventually dies and leaves behind his two relatives to fight for his position. One of them is a skillful warrior and can do anything to win (Stannis - Raj) and the other is fair, just and kind (Renly - Uddhav). The sad part is that their fighting amongst themselves makes sure that neither gets any closer to the Iron throne.

Oh and the throne reminds me...

House Greyjoys

No one knows why house Greyjoy exists. No one wants to see them in the show. No one wants to know or care about how many times Theon Greyjoy has had his balls bruised. Let me reiterate this fact...NO.ONE.CARES!

Anyhow, this family has a father that was once a force to reckon with in the power games. The daughter now is keeping the legacy alive while the son is quite a disappointment to the family name. There is only one family that fits perfectly for this...

The Dutt Family.

House Stark

Let’s pause for a moment here and take a deep breath.
What do the Starks stand for? They stand for power, reputation, honesty and loyalty. Ned Stark is the best man we have known in this series. His family, pretty much like him, is regarded in high stead by one and all. Which family in the Indian khel of Kursi can match this?

None, obviously. We’re talking about honesty, loyalty and reputation here. These are 3 traits our power families will never be associated with. We’re Indians afterall. We have an image to live up to. The image of a bloodsucking termite that will eat up its brother’s leg to survive if it has to. So no, no Starks for us. Although Sansa Stark’s story is perfect Balika Vadhu sequel material.

Also, who the hell needs Ned Stark when we have this man in our country:


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