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There are certain pros and cons to things becoming popular and mainstream. The internet is no exception. Tighter policing and cyber laws may have been required, but there will always be a point when they will seem too harsh. Like most other laws.

One such point was reached in India while everyone was busy revering in the new year’s festive spirit. The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has issued an order to all ISPs to block 32 websites. These includes the likes of popular video streaming websites Vimeo and Dailymotion (sympathy for the guys!)



The order has been arguably issued because these websites reportedly carried content/links related to ISIS.




BSNL and Vodafone services have blocked these websites immediately while the others are set to follow suit. It’s not clear though if these websites will come online soon. Assumedly, this will be possible if the ISIS flagged content is removed. As of now this is the message you’ll get if you try to access any of these domains.

We’re hoping that this gets resolved quickly and harmless fun can remain harmless.


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