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Whose Line Is It Anyway? was (unfortunate use of past tense) an improvisation based comedy game show. Everything on the show was made up, the performers had no clue what would spring upon them from hats, audiences or Drew Carey’s brain and then would be given points accordingly. Surprisingly, the points do not matter and the ‘winner’ got to do a ‘little something’ with Drew at the end of the show.

This show has to be THE funniest show ever. But you need to be aware of the various and many American pop culture references that are made to actually appreciate the comedy.
The Show is hosted by Drew Carey and has three performers who are constant. They are the very talented Ryan Stiles (also does a cameo on Two and A Half Men), Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady. The fourth is generally some guest performer (with Robin Williams making an appearance once). Laura Hall is the improvisational musician on the show who provides background music for the song based games sometimes accompanied by a couple of back up musicains.

The show proceeds with various games like Scenes From a Hat, Questions only, Dating Service, Party Quirks, Irish Drinking Song, Hoedown, Props and many others.

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Scenes From A Hat

In this game the audience is asked to jot down some things they would like the performers to enact. The best ones are chosen and Drew Carey takes them out at random from an Uncle Sam hat....


Party Quirks

Then there are the guessing games. Hilarious as hell, one of the performers tries to guess what the others are trying to do.
In Party Quirks, each of them is given a special characteristic. And they are WEIRD!



Questions Only

This one involves only dialogues. Dialogues framed as questions. The performers come two at a time and are allowed to talk to each other only in questions. If they slip, replacement happens




Don’t tell me you didn’t get that. I mean props. You cannot get more straightforward than that, man!
But in this specific episode, they use real life props. Yes, human beings as props!


Vivek Ranjan

Reader! Before you go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!

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