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Romantic movies always get a truckload of criticism. Cynics everywhere scoff at the cheesy dialogues, the impossibly perfect settings and the unrealistic expectations that they seem to set in everyone’s mind. To my mind, the chances of a real life Leonardo DiCaprio sacrificing his own life to save Kate Winslet’s after knowing her for a couple of days just doesn’t happen! In all probability, if it were any one of us, we’d push her ass off that plank and save our own skins.

The cynicism is justified. Men chasing the love of their lives to the airport to see her one last time or to ask her to stay, in the movies, is as casual as taking a shower for you. And the carefully written eloquent lines that the actors are supposedly delivering off the top of their heads makes you cringe when you think about the “Err… So, umm... I think I like you” that you managed and were so proud of.

However, everyone at some point or the other wishes that their life was like a romantic movie, where everything somehow works out in the end. As much as we make fun of the cheesy dialogues and scenes, we would all love for the man/woman of our dreams to chase us in the rain and profess their undying love for us (Yes, its super cheesy, but you know its true!)

Watching romantic movies, especially for girls, is a time when you can forget about the harsh realities and transport yourself to a time and place where everyone looks like Brad Pitt and is as eloquent as Tolstoy.

So for all closet romantics out there, here’s a list of some of the most romantic dialogues ever delivered on the big screen that make you go all mushy and “awww”.

Pride And Prejudice

I love all versions of Pride and Prejudice, but 2005 version starring Kiera nightly and Matthew Macfayden has to be my all time favourite. This particular scene is at the end of the movie when Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet in a field at daybreak in one of the most humble and lovely proposals

… If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love ... I love ... I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.




Say Anything

John Cusak falls in love with Diane Court in this Teen Romance. Her father objects. So Cusak does his best to convince her father and clear things with him. Also, it has the famous scene of him standing outside her house holding up the boombox.

“What I really want to do with my life -- what I want to do for a living -- is I want to be with your daughter. I'm good at it.”




Titanic is without a doubt one of the most romantic movies ever made. Jack’s sacrifice in the end to keep Rose alive makes it impossible for anyone to watch the movie without bawling. And to those stone hearted people who can still sit with a straight face through that, this speech he delivers is sure to force them to shed at least a single tear.

“Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me... it brought me to you ... You must do me this honor, Rose. Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise.”


When Harry Met Sally

When Harry met Sally isn’t about love at first sight. Its about love between two friends that grows into something more. And in the end of course, they realize they are meant to be together and Harry woos Sally with this speech about everything he loves about her.

Harry: “How about this way? I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”


Notting Hill

Notting Hill is about an average, regular old book store owner who gets involved with a famous movie star. But dating a Hollywood star comes with a lot of problems which lead the couple to call it off. But being a movie, it has to work out and Julia Roberts goes to Hugh Grant in the end, with one of the most famous lines delivered on the big screen which of course is a winner and results in them living happily ever after.

William: “I live in Nothing Hill. You live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are.”

Anna: “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire and Dorothy Boyd get married before they are completely sure that they’re in love. Realizing how rash they were, Jerry runs scared, only to realize his mistake in the end. He realizes that he loves her and delivers a speech to Dorothy that’s sure to get everyone going “awww”.

Jerry: “I love you. You…complete me.”

Dorothy: “Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at “hello”.


Runaway Bride

After running out on Richard Gere at her fourth attempt at a wedding, Julia Roberts goes to his apartment to apologise to him. And tell him that she made the biggest mistake of her life by running out on him. She then delivers the exact same speech he’d narrated earlier on. Definitely one of the best proposals ever.

“Look, I guarantee that we’ll have tough times. And I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us will want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know in my heart, you’re the only one for me.” 





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