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Rating : 7/10

Let’s not bore you with their history. Everyone knows how glorious their past is. Indus Creed came out with a new album, ‘Evolve’, and that surely is big news in the Indian rock circuit. This review comes out rather late but then we do have a reputation to protect here, don’t we?!

  The biggest problem of any band with a successful past, much more of that making a comeback, is expectations. Indus Creed are veterans of their craft. Atleast the 3 members from the original line up are. The new album has had about a year and a half of work, if I’m not mistaken. A brilliant pre release buzz created about the album by roping in big names like ‘Tim Palmer’ and a lot of live performances where they gave a sneak peak into the new tracks, gave them the perfect platform. Does Evolve live up to the hype?

  The album is called evolve for a strong reason. The sound of IC sees a shift from their trademark 90s rock and roll sound to a more detailed and electronically assisted prog-rock sound. Adapting with the times perhaps. And we don’t mind it at all as the opening track ‘Fireflies’ sets the mood for the rest of the album. ‘Fireflies’, like the rest of the album, is brilliantly produced. The strumming of acoustic guitars builds into a grand hook and Zubin shines through with the keyboard. It is difficult to not mention the video airing on VH1 currently of this song. One tends to expect much better videos from IC owing to their amazing, award winning videos in the past. The caps/hats were not required and there isn’t much to go back and watch in that video.

 ‘Dissolve’ is another one of the top notch tracks on this album, if not the best. I wish I could point out any one band member’s outstanding performance in this song but I can’t. Since all of them peak together on this one. ‘The Money’ is a well written verse about corruption. The baseline is catchy, but Rushad on drums delivers a killer beat. ‘Take it harder’ uses the tried and tested structure of a slow soothing opening building into a grandiose hook and it does take it ‘harder’. The next track is perhaps the only letdown. I was personally looking forward to listening to ‘No Disgrace’ on record after having heard it so many times live. Unfortunately the live version sounds much better than the recorded one. The long duration of this song doesn’t help either. A letdown. But then again I am biased because I have heard it live and was expecting a certain something out of it.‘Come Around’ and ‘Bulletproof’ are hit and miss tracks. Come Around being the better of the two.

As far as the negatives go, there is a tad bit of monotony about the album. All the tracks clearly have had a lot of hard work gone into making them. But, if one plays the entire album at a go, then you will not remember more than 2 tracks distinctly at the end. The sound gets repetitive sometimes even though IC have tried to tackle that by using varied beats.



Overall, this album comes close to the bull’s eye. A must have for any desi rock enthusiast. This is probably the biggest album release since Pentagram’s Bloodywood. There is a lot of audio value in this album. Just as long as you don’t play it at a stretch. And hopefully they’ll make more and better videos from this album. 

 And buy the original copies of the album. Do NOT download. We bought it too and we're cheap people. So you definitely can.


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