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Profile Pictures ! Aah! The one and probably the only reason we take around 25 seconds to send or accept a Friend Request on @Facebook. Oh sorry I’m kinda too much into tagging things :P .But anyway, Profile Pictures especially of Teenagers in India portray immense similarity and are usually of the 10 obvious types like :

1. The I-spent-25-hours-in-a-day-with-my-camera-to-get-this-Pic.Like Please !

This is easily the most common type of Facebook Profile Picture. Amongst both, boys and girls. The person is mostly alone, usually in his/her bedroom, and you can practically assume the arm holding up the camera. Many a time, the pose and the smile would be kinda awkward and weird as if it’s a snap being taken for the Police Records.



2. The I’m-in-a-Relationship-And–My-Family-Isn’t-On-FB-I-Hope -Picture :D

The relationship picture is put up by users who wish to tell the entire Facebook community “Yeah, I’m Taken. And She’s so not my Cousin”


It’s a little less subtle than the “Just Married” DSLRwala Pic.

3. The-I-Own-A-Mac-Bitches-Hows-That! – Picture

This type of Profile pic usually consists of a photo taken from the Photobooth App in a Mac computer. The pic usually taken from the webcam of the Mac Computer consists of a 4-photo-Thumbnail Effect. Something like this below picture. It’s probably a way of telling friends that you own a Mac! It’s still rare out here in India but it’s on the rise.


4. The-I-Was-a-Cutie-When-I-Was-A-Kid-But Now-I’m-An-Ogre Picture

Like the title suggests, people on Facebook occasionally tend to put up their pictures when they were like Umm under the belief that Children are a God’s Gift :P. Well Childhood Pics are actually and well surprisingly more common among guys. And the only two reasons why a guy would make that as his “DP” is because :
a) He looks Freaking Weird right now and is embarrassed to put his original Pic.
b) Wants 10 Odd Girls to Like his Pic and Comment “Aww! So Cute!”


5. The I-And-My-Friend-Cracked-A-Joke-You-Don’t-Know- Picture

Common amongst both Boys and Girls,this pic can be very confusing if you ain’t in this joke. The photograph contains the person alongwith his/her friend in some kind of a weird position or making a very uncomfortable face or having a precarious laugh about something. Whatever the case, these pictures are usually very funny and are mostly put up with a Black bordered frame and some random text/comic clouds.


6. The If-Adobe-Photoshop-Creators-Saw-This-Pic-They’d-Adopt-Me- Picture

Amazingly common amongst Girls, these pictures are excessively Photoshopped that too in such an obvious way that even a 2-year-old could tell. The people in the picture have smooth acne free skin (better than the Fair and Lovely gals). Their eyes are a brilliant blue & hazel-a rarity in India !. Sometimes, as if to draw more attention to their edits, they put words on the photo, like, "Live," "Laugh," "Love," "Pooja + Tina = BFFs!"



7. The-Guess-Where-I-Am-Group-Shot-Picture

The Title says it all, The person in this pic is between like 4-5 odd people(taken at a party or a hangout) and its practically impossible to guess who’s the actual person if you don’t know him/her. Of course this type is more common amongst the Gals.



8. The-Glory-Glory-Man U-Wannabe-Picture

In India,70 % of Teenagers follow Manchester United when it comes to Football while a few others admire actual football that’s played by Arsenal/Chelsea.(sorry Gunner Fan Here! ) .Nevertheless, most of the “Dudes” love to boast that they’re a Man U Fan by clicking Pictures of themselves at the Man U Café Bar or putting up Rooney and Nani as their Profile Pic


9. The-I-Own-A-DSLR-Now-Go-Play-With-Your-Digicam Picture

The Profile Picture of such people is as clear, precise and to the point as it can get. Usually of self-proclaimed or aspiring photographers who own a DSLR Camera, these pictures are pretty plain, non-edited and are kind off the creative and visionary types, ofcourse bound to get innumerable Likes.


And finally ….

10. The-I-look-Like-Justin-Bieber-and-Emo-Models-Picture

Yeah the Funniest one and the most common of them all is here ! .And trust me if you don’t have a single Guy who puts Justin Bieber as his profile pic or a Girl who puts an Emo Model as her profile pic(with those romantic texts written in background), then, well.. Respect ! .Although, many a times it would happen to you that you end up seeing these profile pictures atleast in the Facebook Search whilst looking for a particular Friend. But never mind,It will take some years for such people to attain Puberty and get some sense that putting such profile pictures is as gay as it can get !



P.S. : All Images Listed above are available on the Public Search Domain Google, so if you find yourself in any of the above Pics, Feel Enchanted,You’re Famous ! Go Have a Beer Now !


Anonymous's picture

+1 for being a Gunner. Up the Arsenal!

Anonymous's picture

up Gooners..

Anonymous's picture

Loved the Man United thing :D In fact, loved most of the types.

Anonymous's picture

dude, u forgot the taking self-ka-foto-by-pointing-the-camera-at-a-mirror type

Shahid's picture

True i didnt mention the mirror type tingy but i guess it covers up in the first point itself :P
Also a few others who couldnt make it to the Top 10 were :
The cartoon character Pic
The Me with the Sun setting Behind Pic
Look Im With a Celeb Pic
The Yes I Love beer Pic
The Look How Posh My Office is in the Background Pic

Anonymous's picture

Wat category would u fit in ur fb pic

Shahid's picture

The-I-Love-Making-Short Films-Pic :P :P :P

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".Nevertheless, most of the “Dudes” love to boast that they’re a Man U Fan by clicking Pictures of themselves at the Man U Café Bar"

atleast they got bar and restaurant... arsenal doesn't hav anything in india..and they suck..

Shahid's picture

<3 Arsenal <3

Shahid's picture

Ok Bro. Support your team in EUROPA. and thats as good as it can get for United this season :)

Anonymous's picture

Thats your defense?? That manchester united has a bar and restaurant in India??
Wow, I guess we can use the gazillion reserves you guys have as waiters in these restaurants.
Gunners ftw.

Anonymous's picture

Hey you forgot the DESI RAHWK-ISHTAARS. . The fart blossoms with a guitar !


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