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We all know how tech/fb savvy the Demonstealer (lead- Demonic Resurrection) is.

But did you know that the talented Mr Makhija can actually cook like a pro. Oh yes, you heard that right!
Only recently a lot of Sahil Makhija's updates were about cooking and treating. Who would've thought that the demonstealer is now thinking of stealing the spotlight from all those Master-chefs et al. He's planning an online cooking show with Scribe bassist "Srinivaas Sunderrajan".

Kill this shit Mr Semen-I-mean-Demon-stealer! 

(1st episode at the end of this piece!)

Demonic Resurrection frontman Demonstealer has teamed up with Srinivaas Sunderrajan, bass player for metal band Scribe to create an online heavy metal cooking show called ‘Headbanger’s Kitchen’. On the show, the Demonstealer rustles up some of his favourite dishes and invites one metal band to sample his cooking and sit down for an informal interview. The first episode of the show features Dubai metal veterans Nervecell as guests. The show is produced by Enter Guerrilla productions, headed by Srinivaas.


“I’ve always had a passion for food and cooking and I started a recipe blog on facebook called Demonic Cookery which became quite popular. So I decided to take that to the next level by making cooking videos and I came up with the idea of merging my passion for cooking and love for heavy metal into creating a unique show like Headbanger’s Kitchen. After that I teamed up with Srinivaas who had already done the DR music video and he helped me bring this vision to life’ said Demonstealer.

The show is up and running on