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Yes Yes, India is one and all of that is true. But Mumbai Vs Delhi is a rivalry that stretches far beyond the IPL. It is an eternal conflict of mammoth proportions. Ask any Delhiite and he'll tell you how he thinks Delhi is oh so superior to Mumbai. And when it comes to Mumbaikars, if they find the time to discuss this, then you'll know how mumbaikars disapprove of Delhiites and everything that they're known for.

If you want a detailed article on the inner psychology of an average delhiite and mumbaikar which makes them completely anti each other based on varied surveys and stats, you came to the wrong place kid!
THIS IS WHACKK! And we do things in our own twisted whackked way.

The rivalry between the two cities is so intense that it got us thinking.. What if they were on Facebook? What would their 'See Friendship' page look like? Check out the result below...

So we decided to distribute 10 'Medals Of Honour' evaluating both cities on various criterion to end this battle once and for all. Or maybe renew this rivalry ALL OVER AGAIN!!!



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When a dilli ka mustanda(or girl) looks for work, where does he come to....Mumbai!! Why?! Because they don't know what to do with their mutton ki dukaan unless bossed around by a Mumbaiyya brain.


Verdict : Mumbai


Reality Shows

Delhi rules the reality television zone. Delhiites make the shows sel and click. Simple reasoning, Delhiites look good and Mumbaikars are Boooorrrinngggg!!!


Verdict : Delhi



Where's the Stock Exchange?
Where is the financial capital of india?
Where are more Gujjus residing in?
nuff said!

Verdict : Mumbai



Bollywood ends the debate here.
And the delhi crowd thought dressing as loudly as possible can make em 'glamorous'! pbbfff !!!

Verdict : Mumbai



The moment on lands in Mumbai, the first thing that welcomes you is not the money or the glamour, it's the Mumbai stench. Yuck! While Delhi is as clean as any international site in the world. Delhiites also have a bath daily unlike....ewwww


Verdict : Delhi



Terrorists tried.
Politicians tried.
The Weather god tried.
The people of mumbai still set examples for the world to follow when it comes to helpfulness and spirit!
Delhi was too busy showing off their assets all this while.


Verdict : Mumbai



The national capital deservingly has the best Infrastructure in he country. If anything is good, it is first introduces in delhi. The rest of the country (including Mumbai) follows but can hardly keep up with Delhi!


Verdict : Delhi



The two 'P's always go together. Power and Parliament. Delhi runs the entire country and is clearly the power centre. Mumbai, would do well to handle itself first, let alone the country!

Verdict : Delhi


Law And Order

Mumbai Police is (still) rated as one of the best in the world.
The Delhi police is known to be quite the opposite.
And anyway, the best one's to answer this one would be the girls...where would they feel safer? Obvious really!


Verdict : Mumbai



Delhi and Chandigarh are like the Sparta of India. Kids are apparently born with biceps bigger than their toy-balls.
Every delhi lad mentions 'gymming' as a hobby in his resume.
Mumbaikars choose to generally ignore this topic in a discussion for obvious reasons! 


Verdict : Delhi


Wrap Up

Final Tally:

Mumbai - 5

Delhi - 5

Apparently we at Whackk! failed to come up with a single winner of this conflict. We failed, and that is rare... very rare. We leave it to you to judge. Maybe it's best we accept each other as a two children of the same mother.And live happily ever after....


Pssst.. Just that Delhi feels insecure of Mumbai all the damn time man... :P

The Whackk Team


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once upon a time there was a K.T

They were extremely jobless and weird

So to sound cool and all in front of the world they created WHACKK!

And thus was formed the whackk team!

And so ends tonight's bedtime story!

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