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If you are running your browser with the stock settings and especially without these add-ons/extensions, you are missing out big time!

We tell you add-ons that are compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that will completely pimp out your web browsing experience.

Ad-Block Plus - Hide all distracting ads

This is one of the most downloaded add-ons for both the browsers. It instantly hides all the annoying and distracting ads on any web page you may end up on. If for some reason it does not do that, then you can tell the extension to hide the hide and it will remember your instructions like the slave that it is.

You may want to disable it on :P

Firefox :

Chrome :

Zoom into thumbnails

Stalking people on Facebook can be tiring work. Click on a photo, wait for the next page to load, then next and so on and so forth. Most of the times, the person might look cute in that small thumbnail, but blow it up and fugliness causes your mind to explode. Don’t waste your time over such people. Download these plugins (separate for both the browsers) that let you get the bigger version of the thumbnails by just taking your cursor over them. Simple, effective and time saving.


Firefox :

Chrome :


Turn Off The Lights - Dim background to focus on video

Browsing videos on YouTube can be a great pass-time and a brilliant way to discover new music. At the same time, the interface tends to drag your focus away from the video and the comments are a gigantic eyesore.

Turn off the lights automatically dims away the rest of the page, leaving the focus on the video. It’s great and once you start using it, you will wonder why it isn’t built into the site (a lot of other sites have started keeping it as an option).

Firefox :

Chrome :
QuickTip : This addon puts a button on the address bar to quickly turn on/off the lights.


FastestFox/FasterChrome - Speed up browsing and repetitive tasks

This one helps you speed up your browsing and searching a little bit. From preloading the next page on the same page (that means no clicking through and waiting for the next page on search engines and articles), to giving you highlighted definitions and easy links to go to other search engines or related searches - this extension does it all. Pretty nifty this one.

Firefox :

Chrome :


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