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If you are planning on buying a new phone, you are in for some very confusing times mate. More confusing than the times you wondered if that person was actually into you!

Your options include Nokias,Androids, Blackberries and if you are a rich spoilt brat, then a shiny new iPhone. If you can actually buy an iPhone and were actively considering it, then I don't understand what you are doing reading this. If you are planning on trolling in the comments... then, please, be my guest. We don't get many comments anyways.

Coming back to the point. The Android vs Blackberry war has always been extremely intense with both loyalists claiming their device is the shizz. Let's take thier many arguments and see which device you should spend your money on.


Blackberry users love their blackberry messenger. Even if a meteor were to fall right in front of their eyes, instead of being amazed, surprised, excited and burnt like normal human beings, they will be BBMing about it with their other BBMing friends. Yes, that shit is addictive and convenient as hell. But, your talking-to-humans-face-to-face skills will take a hit.

Since a few months, regular rumors have been floating through the internet about BBM being made available on Android devices. If that happens, I predict the end of social norms as we know them.


Ask me what is my biggest pain in the ass thing. Go on. Ask.
It’s typing on a touchscreen. Rather it was.
I was the kid on the back bench with his eyes on the board and hand below the bench texting on my nokia like the fate of the world was dependent on the number texts I could send. Then I got my Android phone, thus ending my texting obsession. But that isn’t a big issue now. Half of this article was typed on my Android phone.

Blackberry users know what a breeze it is to type on those full QWERTY keyboards, even though they might look like seeds you might have just spat out.


Android takes the cake here. The capabilities and variety available in the Andorid market cannot be rivalled by the puny Blackberry App World. That’s right, I called it puny.


Android phones start from 5000 bucks and go on to infinity. There is phone for your price range and it’s most definitely the kind you would like to show off.

“But”, says the Blackberry fan, “that holds true even for Blackberry phones”. There might be a BB for every price point, but then there is only one and the monotony in their designs, forms, etc puts me to instant sleep. Even thinking about them makes me slleiuhadkk

Ha what?! Oh yeah. So. That about sums it up.

Blackberries are cool if you type a lot, have a lot friends with blackberries who BBM all the time.

If you want to be cool, get an Android. There is always whatsapp, which is a brilliant BBM replacement, although not a complete replacement and there are thousands and millions of awesome apps that won’t bore ya! 


Vivek Ranjan

Reader! Before you go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!

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