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I think we should all dress like they did in the ‘50s. Why? One word: CLASS. You’ve got to give it to them. Women then knew how to get it just right, looking classy and glamorous at the same time. Now don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying you should show up at college, dressed like Katherine Hepburn or Grace Kelly. But we can borrow a lot from them, especially if you’re aiming to look feminine and graceful and what-have-you, if you want to impress someone, or only because the occasion demands.

Skirts, Skirts And More Skirts


We hardly even see them anymore! Imagine a world where we wore skirts more often, keeping in touch with our girly side. Luckily, the ‘50s had a wide range of styles, so you can pick the look that suits your personality best. Now if you think you can’t wear a skirt because you “don’t have the body for it”, here’s a secret – skirts from back then were designed to make your waist look narrow. Slim and tubular, or full and flowy, the skirts had high-waists, to draw attention to your now-perfectly-shaped body.

Ditch The LBD; Embrace Some Colors


I bet you thought of dresses from the ‘50s as long, cumbersome, voluminous and dull. You’re quite right. But in addition, they also had brightly colored, fun dresses that you and I could wear today and fit right in.

Suiting Yourself


Imagine walking in to your workplace dressed in well-fitting suits and tailored skirts. What’s more, tailored to make you ooze charm. There is no way your boss will not take you seriously. If you want to get higher, you’ll need to dress to look like you belong there, trust me. And for those who smirked at the word ‘skirts’, the next section is for you.

Breaking the rules


It’s not surprising to know that until the 1920s, girls weren’t allowed to wear pants. Women in pants were a ‘taboo’ till actress Marlene Dietrich wore a pair in the film Morocco (1930). With the ‘50s came innovations in casual pants – mainly the ‘cigarette’ pants and Capri pants that we’re all quite familiar with, although they were only worn to picnics and barbecues, not all over town like we do today. I think the ‘50s-styled casual pants are way hotter than any of our formal pants.

Flattering swimwear


Those of you that are overly conscious or shy will love the swimwear of the ‘50s. Especially designed to hide flaws in the body, they were essentially corsets worn outside. And guess what – they had zippers! Modesty was quite the in thing back then, which explains the low cuts of the legs. The bikinis too were quite meek, with high waists, and the top practically covering most of the stomach.



There are a lot of people that would rather eat mud than dress up in any of the above. I cannot push you to go ‘50s, but I can try to brainwash you to accessorize Grace Kelly style.

Keeping in sync with the entire look, the shoes were high-heeled and yet, sturdy. Stiletto heels and kitten heels came into existence around this time. We all know how they’ve stuck around even six decades later and become a major part of our lives.

The seamed stockings were an essential part of a woman’s daily wardrobe. The seamed stockings look way sexier than regular stockings, with a line going all the way down, highlighting the shapely curve at the back of a woman’s legs.

Handbags were dainty little things in all colors and sizes, hung between the wrist and elbow, lending a lady just the right amount of poise and grace she requires.

Hairdos don’t have to be fancy like bee-hives and Katy Perry’s vintage looks. Women in the ‘50s also tied their hair into simple ponytails, looking simple and super-cute.

Now that I’m done convincing you all why the 1950’s were the best when it comes to women’s clothing (and I sure hope I did!), I’m gonna go watch Roman Holiday (1953) and dream of Audrey Hepburn’s clothes later.


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