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I hate to bring it up, but do you remember marveling at the zeal which probably majority of your classmates put into their everyday clothing, despite the stifling heat? If you were one of them. . Well, let’s just hope you got it right. If you’re sure you weren’t, props to you, and read on to reunite with 6 of the most popular and crazed-out trends that took Colaba Causeway and *insert college name* campus alike by storm during the past five years. Personified for effect and in no particular order:

Dafuq (band): Ah, they were quite the hit, weren’t they? Debuting in black, adapting to color in the course of time, rumor was that the breaking of one of these bad boys ensured, well we all know how that goes. They occupied very prominently the wrists of scores of teenagers, most of who would dismiss wearing them with their original intention, but because they looked cool. And gave off an emo/punk vibe. And they were cheap. And did I mention cool.


Their distant cousin Silly Bandz was to emerge in later years, testing everyone’s ability to recognize a wavy shaped thingamajig on your hand as being a unicorn.

Extender the Iridescent (aka hair extenders): I fail to comprehend how the ladies fell for these dudes. It’s kind of like a public fling with them; if one shows up every day with a different number and colour of hair extensions, people are going to catch on eventually. Especially if they match your nail paint/bag/bag+belt+bracelet, etc. But anyhow, they were all the rage at one point, till the ladies figured out that it’s too much effort to reinvent an outfit based on the colour you wanted to pretend your hair was for that day.


Vaguely related second niece Fleur d’Hair came into the picture eventually, easing the tension between the real deal and their colored counterparts by throwing her vintage flowery self around.

Baby Ballerina: Undeniably the alpha-girl of all the shoes in her time, there was a not-so-brief period of time where she stole the spotlight just like a mean girl and made an appearance in a number of facades. But she wasn’t so bad, till things got waaaay out of hand and she couldn’t handle all the fame and popularity. So she faded away to the back of the class and let Flip Flop the Fabulous take over.


The Hooter (aka pendants): This one was the most popular of them all from a family of pendants that ranged from telephones to birdcages to spectacles to you name it. Most of them were a chill bunch though, till you saw someone else sporting these pretty numbers and felt cheated on. Also, they had the annoying habit of getting into tangles with your i-card.

Their legacy still lives on in, albeit with less popularity since most of the owls have gone extinct.

Lil’ Klutch: This has perplexed many a practical person who ultimately arrives at the conclusion that she’s too small to carry anything substantial. And by that I mean a girl’s most basic requirements which somehow magically emerge when the time is right. These tiny totes have made an appearance at many a party and dinner complementing most often a dress or the likes.


To be accompanied by BigBrotherBag in later years, much to the distress of fellow train travelers wielding compact haversacks and backpacks and must endure such oversized bags.


Jeggings: Well, there’s no way to personify these, really. But you do know someone’s important-ish when they have their own Wiki page. And to quote, “Jeggings (pron.: /ˈdʒɛɡɪŋz/) are leggings that are styled to look like tight denim jeans.” Tight being the operative word here. Often worn with tunics or in some cases gone wrong tees that just aren’t long enough to divert your attention from infamous Camel Toe’s appearance. Seen to be available in a multitude of colors, like *racial comment censored*.


Regressed in their next lifetime back to Plain Ol’ Leggings popular with just about everyone, and their long-lost Indian sibling began her ascent to popularity by complementing kurtas around the same time too.

Of course you still see these guys trying to make a comeback now and then, unlike the relationships of convenience with shrugs and flip flops and what not which have been around for a while now, and by nature of their practicality, will most likely continue to be. But for the most part they’ve outlived their reign of supremacy along with Crocs and chunky, chunky jewelry.

The newer contenders include the likes of Feathearrings and Brass Knuckles and SwagClothBags etc. etc. One wonders how long they’ll survive.
I’d say give it another four months or so. Nerd glasses should be on the list too.

Nabeela Shaikh

Enamoured by Humbert Humbert and Holden Caulfield. Swears by glitter. And nicotine.

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