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While buying the tickets for David I was brimming with excitement and curiosity thanks to the tagline – Three lives, three destinies and one name. Unfortunately, the three lives and their destinies take too long to unfold and culminate in to that one name - David.

The film is a visual piece and features distinct colour filters, from monochrome to blue to Hefe in ‘Instagram’.  This film has the appeal to attract your attention but the problem lies there. Once it attracts your attention, you realize that the storyline and script do not really support the visuals or the slow screenplay.  It reeks of style and intensity in a few scenes which are the high points of this film. Watch out for the introduction scene of David #3, Vikram. It looks like a complete visual masterpiece.

But hold on, you can’t just like a movie for its visual appeal. It feels tediously long towards the end and you just want it to get done though the last ten minutes are quite interesting, although it’s too late by then. ‘Shaitaan’ which was Bejoy Nambiar’s first outing as Director had the same issue. Maybe, he’ll keep this in mind when he plans his next project.

The music is definitely one of the plus points of this movie and so are the music videos. If nothing else Bejoy Nambiar can make a living out of directing stylish music videos.  The album is very unconventional but it’s appealing at the same time. My picks are Ghum huye, Three kills, Yun hi re, Mast Kalandar (Rock Version) and Tore matware naina.

Performance wise all three leads have managed to deliver a decent performance but Vikram is class apart from the other two (Neil Nitin Mukesh and Vinay Virmani). I like the way David #1 (Neil Nitin Mukesh) has been portrayed throughout the film.  He has this on screen charisma (all thanks to the Director and the Cinematographers) that keeps you hooked, but sadly his acting skills fail to do justice to that charisma. Vivek Virmani’s lack of experience is evident and one expects a lot from an actor in such films. A special mention to Saurabh Shukla here for his noteworthy cameo.

Among the ladies, Tabu is superb as Frenny.  I have never liked Tabu so much in her earlier movies but this is definitely a notable performance.  Monica Dogra is good, she is a quick learner considering  this is her second outing after ‘Dhobi Ghat’ but she really needs to work on her dialogue delivery.  Isha Sharvani looks pretty but she does not offer many expressions to suit her character Roma.

David is a tedious affair that has a lot to offer but fails to make an impact.  Watch it only if you want to enjoy the music, cinematography and a few noteworthy performances.

Abhishek Gurbani

Motion picture lover, Chikna Vakeel, on the rocks relationship with Whisky, soon to be Law and Business grad. O.o

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