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Shahrukh Khan got a boo boo again. He’s being a douche, yet again. That’s actually fine, considering most of Bollywood is nothing but a collection of moronic, plagiarising douchebags vying for attention and money. Except KRK. Nobody talks shit about KRK. So yes, SRK fits right in. But then he has gone a level too far in being a lying, money hungry celebrity.

How? Watch this.



"Mujhe viraasat mein sirf duayein mili thhi, bada naam nahi.

Par mujhe chahiye thha zyaada.

Zyaada izzat, zyaada shohrat, zyaada fans.

Toh jab duniya soti thhi, main jagta thha.

Khud ko hi shabaashi deta, aur khud ko hi daanta thha. Kyunki mujhe chahiye thha, zyaada.

Toh stunts ko junoon, acting ko zindagi aur fair and handsome ko humsafar bana liya.

Aur main ban gaya…Badshah!"

Yes, SRK literally gave the credit of his success to fair and handsome. In your face money-splurging-waiting-in-queue fan! King Khan’s reason for success is not your love, it’s a tube of cream being produced in West Bengal. For all those times you spent watching DDLJ and making sure it always goes houseful in Maratha Mandir, for all those expensive tickets of Chennai Express you bought for yourself and your family (to suffer), for all those times you cried when he died in Kal Ho Na Ho, SRK suggested you to buy a cream to become zyaada fair.

The problem here is manifold. Did you ever like SRK more in Mohabbatein because he suddenly turned white as chalk than you liked him in Darr where he was darker? Is he slyly blaming the failure of ‘Koyla’ on us because he thinks we didn’t like to see him dark skinned?







And to think that I haven’t even come to the core of this problem yet. The level of this con is understood once you realize that Fair and Handsome was never around in the formative years of SRK’s career (Fair and Lovely was). This product came into existence in 2005, as shown in the snippet below taken from their website:





So not only did SRK steal our credit, he took it and gave it to a product that didn’t even exist during his career milestones of DDLJ and KKHH. I have a thing against anyone endorsing a fairness product. As do these people who’ve started petitions against this ad and product.  But this invites extra anger because this is an icon that the entire country looks up to. You could be a wise ass and say “He did this for money. That’s his personal choice. Everyone does shit for money.”

True. But I believe that the moment you become a public figure of such reach and significance, made so by the public itself, the least you could do is act responsible. If not give back to the people, at least let them not be misguided. Is fairness so important to SRK that he believes we should all spend our money and attention to achieve it? The same money his fans earn after a day’s hard work and sometimes choose to watch his movies with. I could comprehend this if it was a new actor on the scene desperate for money and screen time. This is SRK we’re talking about. He just delivered the biggest hit in box office history. If he still feels the need to do such ads, I feel the need to spread as much word against it as I can.

Go do your bit. Let him hear this. 

And just by the way Shahrukh, you keep selling us the idea of “zyaada gorapan”. If Indian men just had thoda ‘’zyaada action’’, they would never even look into the mirror to see how fair they are. Just saying. Also this product you’re endorsing, its facebook page is called “Hi Handsome”. Shady!  Just like your methods of earning money.





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