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By Mahima Mathur in Skkreen! - On

"M.T.V - Music Television"

What is music really? Is it life? Is it the blood that flows in your veins? Is it Bipasha Basu’s legs? Or just a stray cabbage?

These are some questions that the good men and women in the MTV social media division strive to answer. Music can’t just be rhythm and beats and lyrics, dammit. For them, like god, music is in everything. Even in Soha Ali Khan’s latest turquoise bikini.These fair visionaries have looked beyond the known and ventured into corners where no one has ever looked for music before.

Like in the melodies nestled in Megan Fox’s G- string. Pitchy, one would imagine.



The glorious soldiers fronting the battle of tunes, will seldom tell you about the hot new tunes in the industry, but will educate you in copious details about the lack of hot action in your acne ridden life. After all, what is music, but the stirring in your loins?

These sensitive bards of love have captured the bigger picture of where the real music lies. They care not about the beginning and end of Slash’s latest unnecessary solo, because that’s for amateurs like you and me.  What a seasoned team like that gives a shitter about, is the post coital era of Bollywood. The end of the happy ever afters that they’d been dreaming about since wonder years. Essentially son, it all hangs between John Abraham and his silk sheets.


Or perhaps in the hidden mysteries of urinals.


Oh innovators, dreamers, streamers, this article is for that special twisted lens that you view the world of tunes through. For that window to the beyond,not curtained by silly things like actual music and all that hogwash. Here’s a salute for truly staying raw. Like a cabbage.

Mahima Mathur

Im a bored coffee slugging cynic, who wants to be a wishy washy green tea sipping believer.

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