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Their bromance was all over your television screens, their chemistry was sold like hot cakes with reality shows.  Abbas Ali Zafar’s second outing as a director (first one being the atrocious Mere Brother Ki Dulhan) gathered the adequate momentum before its release but the final product is definitely underwhelming.
Abbas Ali Zafar’s first attempt neither garnered critical acclaim nor the viewer’s thumbs up. His second attempt is based up on the tried and tested formula of the 80’s. Recreating the late 80’s is not an easy task, last person to succeed at it was Milan Luthria (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai) but that’s not the department where Abbas Ali Zafar has failed. The format is dated, the script is nothing less than a dusted manuscript. He fails to generate the intensity for a high octane retro film. The plot is as predictable as it gets and the second half is loaded with “I told you so” moments.
Gunday heavily relies up on the lead pair of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, the blue eyed boys of Yash Raj Films but they fail to turn this into a fizzy affair. The screenplay somehow fails to milk their off screen spark. Koyla, takdeer, jigar and tevar are the only words that resonate instead of the performances and dialogues.
The cinematography is unabashedly clichéd, the slow motion sequences add to the fury. The music and background score are in sync with the masala theme, couple of songs are foot tapping while the rest seem unnecessary.
Ranveer Singh who had a terrific run last year fails to make an impact as Bikram. Arjun Kapoor as Bala tries too hard to get it right. His slow recitals are unintentionally funny.  Together they both managed to gather wolf whistles for their entry but not for what followed. The expectations from the equation between the two fall like a house of cards. 
Irrfan Khan as Satyajeet Sarkar (also the narrator) is the lone warrior of this over the top friendship saga. His screen presence and swagger overshadows the ‘kids’. Priyanka Chopra as Nandita is strictly okay in her stint barring the much appreciated hip shaking in the cabaret number.
Be assured to have a big fat “I told you so” moment.

Abhishek Gurbani

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