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"Whatcha gonna do now, Peter Jackson?"


After 53 years of age, 3 academy awards and $600 million as your net worth (Wikipedia, yes!) one can probably take some liberties with their creative work. Considering that the last 15 years of your life have been spent creating stories about middle earth and it’s inhabitants, the last iteration can also bring about emotional liberties. I feel for you Sir Peter Jackson, I do.

But is that the reason why a lot of final chapters of trilogies end up being such a massive disappointment? Case in point, The Matrix Revolutions, The Dark Knight Rises, Shrek, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Iron Man 3, Hera Pheri 3.  Wait, there is no Hera Pheri 3. Thankfully!

Let me summarize this for you. This is the worst Peter Jackson movie I’ve ever watched. I cannot even blame it upon the high expectations because I had none. But this was still a disappointment. Why?

Firstly, there’s a lot of chaos. There are so many high points rumbling in one after the other at your face, in 3D, you literally can’t soak in half of it. What many consider as the biggest high point of the book gets over before the movie title is displayed. Yes, it involves Smaug.

The screenplay is painfully slow. The worst part is that you still don’t feel a single iota of emotion for any of the characters. Maybe there’s just too many and too much happening here too. Key characters fight, fail, love, die and win. One still doesn’t really care like we did in even the last iteration of this series. Peter Jackson said in an interview that he wanted to build a perfect bridge to the LOTR movies through this.  Maybe he succeeded in doing that, but he failed in telling us a gripping story.

Honestly, this is one of those movies you watch to give yourself an emotional closure of sorts. If you’re an LOTR fan and have watched the first two parts of this series, you know you’re going to have to watch this. My tip for the rest of the junta is to spend that money wisely. Though you can watch this awesome interview of Smaug, the dragon by Stephen Colbert:



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