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“Kabaddi deserves a better commercial movie.”

I do this quite often. Go to a very old school theater in the middle of the day and watch a movie you would never otherwise have time for. Basically, I plan the impromptu decisions sometimes. Ironic or oxymoronic, but effective.

One such decision was made when I chanced upon ‘Badlapur Boys’ at the legendary Gaiety Galaxy in Bandra, Mumbai. I had to choose between Ungli, Zidd and Badlapur Boys. You know which one I chose. The reason? One such planned impulse had lead to watching ‘Iqbal’ a few years ago. The movie was beautifully made and I somehow got charmed into watching Badlapur Boys because of that.

Trivia: Badlapur Boys have been conveniently shortened to ‘B Boys’ at Gaiety.

As expected, a largely empty theater welcomed us. The film certificate read “Badlapur Boys (Short Version)”. What I expected was a low budget indie movie with some inspiring yet expected high points as we’ve come to expect them in sports movies. What followed though felt like being at the Tomatina festival where the tomatoes were replaced by human faeces.

The story is about a bunch of whats-his-names from a downtrodden and overlooked town of Badlapur who share their passion for Kabaddi. These boys get a wildcard entry in a prestigious state level Kabaddi championship where their fate gets intertwined with a renowned Railways coach played by Annu Kapoor.

This would have been a mundane review if not for the way this movie was made. Everything from direction, screenplay, dialogues, music to acting in this film is a joke on modern film-making. It’s like this team was over obsessed with some Kanti Shah movies and a few more B-Grade wonders. It’s funny in the beginning, but then you soon realize that it’s going to go on for a while. Non stop.

The core problem of this one is that it’s not good film-making and it’s not a spoof. It lies somewhere in that uncomfortable territory where everyone’s wondering what the fuck is going on. The lyrics to one of the songs are:

“Teri Do Akhiyaan, Teri Do Akhiyaan.
Akhiyaan Akhiyaan, Akhiyaan Akhiyaan!”

Watch it to believe it:


Don’t watch this if you like movies. Don’t watch this if you like Kabadddi.


Don’t watch this!


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