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Enamoured by Humbert Humbert and Holden Caulfield. Swears by glitter. And nicotine.
There seems to be a stunning lack of good crime shows these days, what with scripted reality TV taking over. Gone are the good old days of investigating and testing... Read More -->
The Moon Landing Conspiracy
Chicken nuggets aren’t really made of chicken. But they don’t want you to know. Health officials found horsemeat in the IKEA sausages in more than 20 European countries. But the... Read More -->
Once upon a time, there were two brothers named Jacob and Wilhelm. They lived in the quaint town of Marburg, Germany. They decided to help a friend who was compiling... Read More -->
Philosophy 101: Picking an -ism
Recently I looked up Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ for kicks. Most of the concept of Übermensch went above my head but from there on, it was a slow downward spiral... Read More -->
14th December 2008: Shaheen Mistri came to college today to speak about TFI. Teach For India, it sounds interesting. Their motto comes across pretty strong-‘One day, all children will attain... Read More -->
I hate to bring it up, but do you remember marveling at the zeal which probably majority of your classmates put into their everyday clothing, despite the stifling heat? If... Read More -->
The Muse-ical Paradox: Are You In Harmony With Your Music?
We’ve all had our phases. And it’s a mutual understanding we skip the embarrassing Disney/boy band ones and admit to a less shameful Green Day one. But if you’re still... Read More -->