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The Interview
Sitting in the plush environs of ‘Jannat’ , the famous home of Bollywood star The King, the wildly successful trio of film-maker Kkarran and new star/model in her debut film... Read More -->
Headlines From 2050
Good evening, Ladies and Gentleman, the date is January 1st 2050 and here’s the 7 o’clock news on your very own XYZ TV. Starting with the world news, Newly elected... Read More -->
What’s On The Tube Tonight?
There is a bleak and dead aura about sitting at home and watching TV at night, especially after 10 pm. Because the programs after that time are usually intended for... Read More -->
Band Of The Month : Red Hot Chili Peppers
Current line-up : Anthony Kiedis Michael "Flea" Balzary Chad Smith Josh Klinghoffer You know your band is bat-shit insane when your signature style is wearing socks on your genitals and... Read More -->
Why Andaz Apna Apna Is The Greatest Cult Hindi Movie Ever
How does one define ‘cult’? Don’t ask me. All I know is Paresh Rawal berating a skinny Salman and a yet to be perfectionist Aamir could be the single greatest... Read More -->
The 70’s and 80’s were an interesting time to live in. People did cocaine like it was ordained by the Pope, enjoyed some killer music, promiscuity was the norm, and... Read More -->
Season Review: House of Cards Season 1
There are TV Shows. And then again, there are TV shows. House of Cards is one of those which leave you with your jaw hanging open when the credits roll,... Read More -->
The Ones You Missed
It’s the Award season right now. The Golden Globes just concluded and the Oscars draw ever closer. And yet we can always predict the winners nowadays. George Clooney is a... Read More -->
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