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A self-professed economist out to prove, through independent research and economic models, that happiness lies in gobbling chocolates!
4 Must Read Sidney Sheldon Books
For the record, Sidney Sheldon is a GUY and the creator of the incredible ‘I dream of Jeannie’ T.V. series. Now that we are past that little bite of trivia... Read More -->
The Rupee Slide And What It Means For You
“Rupee’s depreciated again! uff , this government’s going to take the country down!” I have heard people say the aforementioned sentence so many times. It doesn’t matter if you don’t... Read More -->
Food security bill 2013 has been dubbed as the Vote Security bill for 2014 elections. Before drawing such a harsh conclusion, one must wonder if it really is that bad... Read More -->
Whenever you are going through a phase; breakup or the like, everyone becomes your personal psychologist. You see advise pouring in from every corner, every person. Sometimes it makes sense,... Read More -->
5 Indian Serial Killers That Will Make Your Skin Crawl
Last year the Telegraph reported that one in hundred children is a psychopath. That means, that for every hundred person you count, one of them is a loony head with... Read More -->
Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Religious Places During Their Period
Ever since I was a kid, I was told to hush up about ‘that time of the month’ like it was a criminal activity. Even worse, being a religious person... Read More -->
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