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Die hard Yamaha fan. Tech junky/ soulful biker love exploring the road as well as the tech community. Bugged by android for life. Phone addict, happy go lucky beach lover..
Tekk That!
In the tech space, products of the same line are expected to release at frequency of a year or more. For example, the iPhone, the Nexus, the Galaxy phone/tabs etc... Read More -->
Tekk That!
The Facts About Samsung S5
The Samsung S5 is the giant’s 2014 flagship device. This phone is by no means new to the community and the net of course is flooded with all sorts of... Read More -->
Tekk That!
Which Phone Case Should I Buy?
This is one question we often hear from our friends or family members buy an expensive phone like an iPhone or a HTC one M8 etc.. So this is how... Read More -->
Tekk That!
The Underdog: Huawei Honor 6
There has been a lot of talk & reviews floating about flagship phones released by the giant OEMs, but here at Whackk! we decided not to cover them a lot... Read More -->
Tekk That!
Should You Upgrade To The Nexus 6 Or Stay With Nexus 5
There is a lot of stir in the online space with the announcement/release of the Nexus 6. Alright let me explain now, why nexus is kind of a big deal... Read More -->
Tekk That!
Gadget Review: Sony Xperia Z3
We all have known the Sony Xperia to be a rather sexy device as compared to the rest of the Android smartphone releases every year. Sony first dazzled us with... Read More -->
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