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Meet The Cabinet
This month, quite honestly, we were shaken up by the blasts in Mumbai. YET AGAIN!!! The politics had our attention and the politicians made it to our cover. Last month... Read More -->
Whackk! Talk : Neha Jain of Fly By Knight
One of the perks of being in the Whackk! Team, one gets to meet and interact with a lot of interesting people. You know, the not-so-regular. These people come with... Read More -->
Early Conclusions From The Premier League
It’s early days in the English Premier League. But the excitement and unpredictability seems to be peaking already. None of the matches are taken for granted anymore. The stakes are... Read More -->
Album Review - Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay)
Note : The writer's favourite band happens to be the band in question. Coldplay. They warned us by saying that it's going to be a very acoustic sound. They warned... Read More -->
De De Pyaar De!
“Yeh jism pyaar karna nahi jaanta. jaanta hai toh sirf jism ki bhookh.“ This country is facing a problem. Ok, that’s a stupid understatement, we’re facing a gazillion plus one... Read More -->
Parkour in India is as old as NOS. No, not Nitrous Oxide Systems from the fast and the furious yaa, apna NOS. What, you don’t know who NOS is?! You... Read More -->
The Indian Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones (GOT) has taken the world by storm. When people suffering from 50 degree May Delhi heat sound scared while saying “Winter is coming.” you know the show... Read More -->
Band Interview : Demonic Resurrection
If you're a metal-head, you know what Demonic Resurrection is. If you know what DR is, you know who the Demonstealer a.k.a Sahil Makhija is. DR has made the country's... Read More -->
Fairness Is The Reason For Shahrukh Khan's Success
Shahrukh Khan got a boo boo again. He’s being a douche, yet again. That’s actually fine, considering most of Bollywood is nothing but a collection of moronic, plagiarising douchebags vying... Read More -->
Tekk That!
The Rise And Fall Of BBM
If you’ve not logged in into your Facebook account for the past few days, do yourself a favour and don’t log in for a couple of days more. Facebook just... Read More -->