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Album Review - AB 3 By Alter Bridge
Before you start reading, know this, all comments within squared brackets [like this] are not the author's. They are by Vivek. Why would he do something like that? Because he... Read More -->
The Stud Thackeray
Imagine, you walk into college on the first day of the new semester. Check out the syllabus, the subjects. Then you see the books prescribed by the university. For some... Read More -->
Coshish is a hindi prog-rock band from aamchi Mumbai. If Rock-on comes to mind, stop reading this review right about now. Coshish has been around on the scene for a... Read More -->
The Indus Creed Interview
Let’s face it; most of us started listening to rock music thanks to some international band. We hardly understood the lyrics and all we did was head-bang to provide maximum... Read More -->
How To Ensure Getting An Auto-Rickshaw/Cab?
“ Boss/Bhaiya/Bhaisaab xyz chaloge? ” *Drives off* I don’t react too well to rejections. My parents, the women who’ve been in my life and my friends know that fact very... Read More -->
5 Things We Learn From The Krrish 3 Trailer
We hadn’t even gotten tired of ranting about Man Of Steel and Exotic , and god gives us another gift. Krrish 3 (Krrish 2 released in Malegaon, ladies and gents)... Read More -->
In the last Launch Pad on Channel [V], there was only one band that stood out from the pack when it came to soul and melody in their music. So... Read More -->
Band Interview : Something Relevant
Something Relevant is not an alien term if you are in any way associated with the independent music scene. The jazzy townies have been seen in the gullies of Parel... Read More -->
Band Interview : Avial
Indian rock has always had a big problem with languages. Ours is a huge country with numerous dialects, tongues and accents. English and Hindi therefore become very obvious choices for... Read More -->
Band Of The Month : Indus Creed
Our 'Band of the month' feature has generated a lot of interest in the past few months. Rage against the machine, Foo Fighters, Jethro Tull , Kings Of Leon, Pearl... Read More -->