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Band Of The Month : Rage Against The Machine
“Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” Repeat that line 17 times and you have the requisite amount of rage needed to love this band. “ Rage Against... Read More -->
Album Review : Indus Creed's 'Evolve'
Rating : 7/10 Let’s not bore you with their history. Everyone knows how glorious their past is. Indus Creed came out with a new album, ‘Evolve’, and that surely is... Read More -->
The Unmatchable Experience Of An Indian Public Toilet
Note : This article has been written strictly from a man's point of view. I never got an opportunity to visit a women's public toilet for my research. Blame it... Read More -->
Rave, Sex Aur Dhoka
Last month some 290 young ones were arrested from a hotel somewhere between Mumbai and Pune [Khalapur] from a Rave party. Rave parties, if you don’t already know, are known... Read More -->
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The draws for the Champions league round of 16 are out. There are a lot of juicy fixtures in here. Barcelona will face Manchester City in probably the biggest match... Read More -->
Movie Review - Escape Plan
It was a regular Tuesday for me. Doing the regular, saving the world and being a supreme badass. Lovely folks at PVR pictures invited us over for the special press... Read More -->
The Daily Terror of Mumbai
The city of dreams. The city that never sleeps. The city that rewards hard work. Mumbai has been given many a flattering descriptions. Millions will stand in defence of this... Read More -->
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Which V-day character Are You?
Valentine’s Day is here. The much hyped and talked about ‘day’ of days is here to haunt the guys and thrill the girls. And these aren’t even cheap thrills if... Read More -->
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Headbanger's Kitchen!
We all know how tech/fb savvy the Demonstealer (lead- Demonic Resurrection) is. But did you know that the talented Mr Makhija can actually cook like a pro. Oh yes, you... Read More -->
Ek Tha Raja
One fine evening I was watching Kaun Banega Crorepati. This one guy was butchering question after question. How we all started hoping he wins a crore and gets to fulfill... Read More -->


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