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The Most Weird Musician Body Parts
I know, I know the title of this post is what got you here. It’s different and cool, I know it. I’m cool like that. Body parts are not something... Read More -->
Manmohan Singh : No More King?
“Don’t you wish your P.M was hot like me? Don’t cha?” - Pakistan’s Foreign Minister : Hina Rabbani That’s OK, apna Manmohan’s also pretty cute. But that’s about all I... Read More -->
Vintage Green Day
'Punk is dead to anybody who didn't get it to begin with' -Billy Joe Armstrong (who else!) Mike Dirnt - Bass Billy Joe Armstrong - Lead Tre Cool - Drums... Read More -->
The Brand that is 'Anu Malik'
Think Bollywood, think loud colorful musical sequences with weird yet catchy steps and lyrics. Think weird and catchy music, think Anu Malik . Also, think plagiarism, think Anu Malik ... Read More -->
Why Priyanka Chopra's Exotic Is A Classic
I once saw an Priyanka Chopra on a chat show. She seemed smart, to say the least. Witty at many instances. I was pleasantly surprised. “This has to be the... Read More -->
Kkhel Kud!
Indian Club Football - Going Nowhere
“I am with my management in their decision and the reasons they have given. If you play in grounds like that in Gurgaon which are nothing more than a paddy... Read More -->
Band Of The Month : Kings Of Leon
They could have easily called themselves “The Followill Brothers”, kinda like “The Jonas Brothers” (*throws up*). But then that wouldn’t make them cool enough to be our band of the... Read More -->
Best Showmen : Bassists
Traditionally a rock band consisted of four or five members. Vox , guitars, drums and bass. Ask yourself an honest question, how many times have to felt like, “OMG!! I... Read More -->
Kkhel Kud!
Super Mario!
Mom : “You are 21 years old now. Learn to act like a 21 year old. You’re so immature and irresponsible. Have you ever seen a boy your age be... Read More -->
Man Of Steel is a bad mashup of Krrish, Matrix, Dexter and more!
Disclaimer : Most of this may be factually incorrect. Now read on if you still want to. You know how helpless you feel when you are stuck in a tragic... Read More -->


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