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Ask The Sexpert : The Funniest (Part 2)
Last time we explored this territory, the Indian interwebz went wild. We promised an encore if there was a popular demand for it. And here we are! Popular kids and... Read More -->
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Premier League Soccer : Will It Work?
Nobody outside of Barasat had probably heard of a city called Barasat before. A few crore rupees later it’s on everyone’s lips. That’s what big money can do! And Premier... Read More -->
Best Showmen - Guitarists
Fire, smoke, jumps, windmills, duck walks. Sounds weird? Add to all that this thing called a ‘Guitar’, and you have some major magnet to madness. It’s called showmanship. That thing... Read More -->
Things Never To Say To A vegetarian
Vegetarians are the only few people of honour left on this planet. We don’t the kill the living. We’re compassionate and kind and that’s why we choose to eat vegetarian... Read More -->
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Game Review - Fifa Manager 2012
A lot of us have the wannabe-manager keeda in us. We all like the sense of absolute power, where men will run errands at a mere sound of our voice... Read More -->
Band of the month : Foo Fighters
Nirvana was probably the biggest thing to have happened to the ‘90s rock scene. But it didn’t last too long. 1994 was when Kurt Cobain left the world yearning for... Read More -->
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'Love Charzer' will finally be viewable on the big screen. After days of speculation over the release of this peculiar looking film, 'Messenger Of God', the FCAT (Film Certification Appellate... Read More -->
This is NOT the most amazing thing you will read today
“The internet used to be a beautiful place. And then Buzzfeed and Scoopwhoop happened.” - Quote From The Future That guilty feeling inside you won’t subside for a while, don’t... Read More -->
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The Sledgehammer Challenge
And you’re telling me you STILL don’t know NOS?! I think we’ve mentioned NOS more on Whackk that even ourselves. Oh, and mind you, we are some major publicity who*es!!... Read More -->
Kkhel Kud!
Decoding the Mourinho ‘Special’ty
Think of the most dynamic figures in world football and the few names that would pop up in your head are Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli and Jose Mourinho. All for... Read More -->