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The Whackk! College Ratings - Delhi
After looking at the Whackk ! College Ratings - Mumbai edition , the Delhi people wanted their own thing! So giving in to popular demand, we give you the Delhi... Read More -->
Sexiest Bollywood Kisses Since The 90s Till Now
Though they’ve invariably been a bone of contention, sensuousness and intimacy has always been a part of Hindi Cinema. How else do you explain the wet pallu over conical assets... Read More -->
India's Most Boring
Most of us have grown up witnessing Saturdays with Shaktiman. We grew up some more and were faced with the shiny lighted world of cable TV and eventually saw what... Read More -->
The Sex Face
It's not possible. No matter how much of a stud you are; No matter how popular among friends and family and beyond you may be; No matter how much of... Read More -->
Dear men, If you stop working out and eat lots of fatty foods, you can get boobs of your own. Sincerely, they really aren't that big of a deal They’ve... Read More -->
Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, HIMYM and the Truth
I am not one to stereotype at all. But, for the sheer sake of convenience, I would like to believe that most of us not only watch but also FEEL... Read More -->
Things Girls Do (When Drunk)
I am what some might call an alcoholic; ever so jokingly of course (I hope!). But for me, my relationship with alcohol is so much more than that. You’re special... Read More -->
Puff the Magic Dragon
You know what is worse than being a girl in India who smokes? You probably don’t. Because nothing is worse than being a girl in India who smokes. It’s true... Read More -->
A Lot Can(not) Happen Over Coffee
India is probably at the peek of its café culture. It started with the basic vision of the café being the ‘it’ place for sharing of dialogue over cups of... Read More -->
A Page from the Diary of a Young Girl In New Delhi
A cold but bright Sunday morning. I have lazy plans on a lazy afternoon. I take that looooong shower, smell yummy, wear clothes that bring out the colour of my... Read More -->


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