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10 Most Common Facebook Profile Pictures in India
Profile Pictures ! Aah ! The one and probably the only reason we take around 25 seconds to send or accept a Friend Request on @Facebook. Oh sorry I’m kinda... Read More -->
6 Things Girls Need To Stop Posting On Facebook
We all have to agree: In our entire Facebook friend-list, there are atleast 30% of them who are girls and are probably the only reason why our Facebook newsfeed looks... Read More -->
8 Movies that Changed Bollywood
The first thing which comes to our mind after hearing Bollywood is, typical romantic films with clichéd songs and happy endings, marriages being stopped because of dowry, same old “chor... Read More -->
The 8 Types of Richshaw-wallahs in Mumbai!
If you’re in Mumbai and a frequent Traveler, then taking a ride in a rickshaw might be the daily high point of your day. Because every other day you’re bound... Read More -->
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Angry Birds + Team Anna = Angry Anna!
Cacawww !!! Yeah we all love to play Angry Birds.Its the most downloaded and loved game till date in the history of Mobile Gaming. Period. With a concept of knocking... Read More -->
If Titanic Is Remade in Bollywood
It’s not a surprise that you just smiled on reading the title; just the same way as remaking Hollywood movies in Bollywood is no more a surprise today. We have... Read More -->
Kkhel Kud!
4 Teams to Look Out For in UEFA EURO 2012
For starters, EURO 2012 is a group + knockout tournament (4 Teams in 4 Groups Each) played once in every 4 years amongst European Countries and is a tournament organized... Read More -->
Tekk That!
5 Reasons Why A College Nerd/Stud Shouldn’t Buy an iPad
Yeah the Apple Family has amazed you all these years especially if you’re a college student out here. It’s like the equivalent to Barney Stinson’s Playbook when it comes to... Read More -->
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