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If you’ve not logged in into your Facebook account for the past few days, do yourself a favour and don’t log in for a couple of days more. Facebook just got demoted to ‘level : Orkut’ over Blackberry. The Blackberry Messenger(BBM) made a re-entry into the minds of people. Only this time, it’s a free for all circus. BBM for Android and iOS had more than 10 million downloads in 24 hours.

More like a free fall in my view. For not just BBM, but also all the people who once bought into the marketing hype created around it and for all those who are proudly displaying their Android/iOS BB pins on Facebook. Blackberry was essentially a business phone. It was a phone best suited to send and receive e-mails. BBM was an added feature to make it even more exclusive. Every top notch company would hand a BB to its important employees for making sure they never could say ‘I had left office so I couldn’t check my mail’. BB was in effect a leash for highly valued slaves. I know a lot of them personally. They never like the BB beyond the first couple of months. Then began the step by step demise of Blackberry and BBM.

Step 1 :

Then one fine day a high school girl was gifted a BB by her father to probably teach her good business practices. Like the most talented of teenagers, she found an alternate, less productive use of it. “Let’s use the BBM to chat in school’, she said. And the rest as they say is terrible history that no one wants to own up to.

Step 2 :

Blackberry soon was the ‘prime’ chatting network across youngsters. Anyone important had a Blackberry and a Mac. Cool kids, glamorous people, rich businessmen, you get the profile. Blackberry flourished as the rich and cool person’s stamp. Every wannabe soon wanted a Blackberry. This is when some marketing geniuses at BB running out of things to say thought of making the phone affordable. Next thing you know, blocking BB pins was a very handy feature. Losers, stalkers and wannabes found their next haven. BB was already losing its sheen.

Step 3: 

The most vital blow was dealt to BB when it refused to adapt to newer technologies and platforms in a market that was seeing phenomenal changes. Changes that made even the phone superpower, Nokia, very uncomfortable. The iPhone was back and bigger than ever. Google stormed and changed the game with an open sourced, free OS called ‘Android’. BB refused to adapt and so did Nokia (Nokia, which was the global leader in this sector till 2012 was 10th in the list by the end of 2013). The Blackberry guys still lived in the bubbles of their conference rooms where they were convinced time and again by some fools of how untouchable they were and how loyal their customers were. Android and iPhone soon did something to Blackberry that can only be described by using expletives beyond the ordinary. RIM released a newer version of their OS but it proved to be too little too late.

Step 4 :

The fourth and final step is in motion now. RIM (Research In Motion Limited, the parent company of Blackberry) decided to make BBM free and available across platforms (Android/iOS). This has resulted to a surge of idiots on social media doing what they do best, follow the herd. This herd will soon realize how much more user friendly chatting apps like Whatsapp and WE chat are. When was the last time you enjoyed writing down a random code from the web into your phone. That’s right; the last time you used BBM, which was a couple of years ago. Another great brand is about to die a meek death and I’ll be enjoying watching this the most, simply because of all the fools fueling speculation again. The speculation that BBM is the ‘it’ thing once again. It’s not.

No, it’s not!


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