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There is a lot of stir in the online space with the announcement/release of the Nexus 6. Alright let me explain now, why nexus is kind of a big deal every year. Firstly it is Google’s baby and coming from Google themselves, we can be sure of receiving the latest android update. This beside the point, geeks love Nexus as it is the purest most unadulterated form of android one can have and use. So when the Nexus is released every year, all the geeks line up to get their hands on it.

These days you could say that the Nexus has caught some commercial limelight and everyone wants to get their hands on it. For some people this is certainly a turn off because according to them google’s nexus device has nothing additional to offer them in terms of the frills and gimmicks packed with other commercial devices be it the HTC’s, Samsungs, or the Sonys. Nexus was always said to have a very competitive pricing which made it a steal because all the nexus devices had the top of the line specs in their time and were sold at extremely competitive price. Considering this we had similar expectations from google when it was time for the release of the Nexus 6, however Google did take us by surprise when the pricing of INR 43,000 (approx) was announced. To give you some perspective, 32GB Nexus 5 costs $350 while Nexus 6 costs $649.

Here are my top reasons to help you decide if you should switch to the Nexus 6 or stay with the Nexus 5

Reason 5: Price

In India certainly this is an important factor, since the price is set to be at INR 43K in the Indian market. People wonder if they should spend so much on a device which offers them a vanilla and raw android experience with no gimmicks and marketing tricks to catch their eye. Considering the Nexus 5 32 Gb is priced at 30K however if searched can be available for cheaper from various stores, so spending INR 43K or more for the new Nexus is certainly a deal breaker for most people in India.


Reason 4: Form Factor

The Nexus 6 houses a screen size of 5.9inch which is huge not just for a Google device but in general too. Let me give you some perspective

Nexus 6
Screen size - 5.96 inches
Dimensions - 159.3 x 83 x 10.1 mm

Note 4
Screen Size -  5.7 inches
Dimensions - 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm

So as you can observe from above the Nexus 6 is clearly a big phone, which doesn’t translate to a comfortable phone for most people. The Nexus 5 however did hit the sweet spot in terms of the dimensions and screen size. This will be a easier decision for people to make, either they are ok with a screen and a phone this big or not. This is a very personal opinion and hugely defers from person to person. In my opinion, I think I will go with the Nexus 5.

Reason 3: Latest Update

This is a no brainer reason. The people who are religious followers of android will understand this better than the rest, the people who just use their device as a productive tool. These are the people who are not really concerned with the OS or other such features, they just want their phones to work. For such people the latest android OS update may mean little to none. However the regular users and followers of android know the importance and feel the need to be on the latest OS version. Then again it depends if you really want to buy a device to be on the latest OS version and get the assurance of the next OS update too or would you rather root your phone (being a genuine follower of android) and anyway taste the latest android update. Remember the Nexus community support for after-market and custom roms is the largest as compared to any other device’s community.

Reason 2: Novelties

The one thing people in India should consider and accept is that with the nexus 6 is that they will not receive any novelty features, like swipe to turn page or other gimmicks like that. In India people are often questioning themselves that what more am I going to get from the device rather than what more than can I do on the device. These two may seem the same but they are actually worlds apart.

For example: I can get more tasks done using a nexus 5 on a day to day basis rather than using a Note 3. The tasks completed on the Nexus 5 will be faster and smoother, however while using the note 3 the speed may or maynot be faster but the experience will not be nearly as smoother as the Nexus 5.
You need to take into the consideration that all those novelty features and gimmicks packed in your phone always takes a toll on the ram of your phone and keeps certain cores of your process always busy/occupied. So do you want a uninterrupted smooth and fast User experience or do you want a cosmetically enhanced, slow and glitch experience of other OEM’s (this doesn’t apply to all OEMs)

Reason 1: Perks

There are a few perks in the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 5, so let me list them down and provide explain/my views on each.

Build quality:

The Nexus 5 is a mostly plastic, but it is so well built that it almost feels like a polycarbonate shell. The Nexus 6 has a mixture of plastic and metal similar to that on the note 4, moto X and the galaxy alpha. People who want the best of built quality on their devices will have a tough choice to make here because none of these two devices feel cheap or weak at all when it comes to the build quality.


The display on both the Nexus devices is beautiful. The Nexus 5 is a IPS display which means it shows true colours and is good for outdoor viewing. On the other hand the Nexus 6 has a AMOLED display this means the user gets deeper blacks and all in all a rich more vibrant experience (where in the colours are over saturated like any other Samsung device). To add to this the PPI difference between both is 48 PPI, so technically that extra PPI is spread over the additional 1.01 inch of screen real-estate on the nexus 6 (The Nexus 5 has a 4.95inch screen and Nexus 6 has a 5.95inch screen). So honestly those pixels over a almost 6 inch screen doesn’t look dramatically sharper as compared to the Nexus 5, considering the LG G3 managed to pack more pixels in a smaller screen.

This would conclude the main reason I have to put forth to help you make the choice and decide what about the Nexus is that you want or need and accordingly buy the Nexus 6 or stay with the Nexus 5. Do comment, tweet and give me a shoutout if you like this article, be kind and share if you like it, it helps us a lot. Until next time.

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