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Exceleon Presents Cutting Chai 2013


The first time ever I walked into R.D National college’s BMM department, I was well, thrown out
as my seniors were brainstorming on something very important. ‘Something’ that meant the
world to them; their greatest priority. Cutting Chai. And today I exactly know how they felt back

Many join this course to do something ‘creative’. That’s the word that goes around in the BMM
circle like notes go around one day prior to an exam. I joined this course because it promised to
give me more than just one thing to go ahead with. But with all the other big and small
opportunities it gave me, it gave me this one thing that is and will always be an inseparable part
of me- Cutting Chai.

Cutting Chai is R.D National college’s BMM festival to be precise. And I’m a BMM student in
this institute if you didn’t figure that already. From what I remember; sneaking into the
auditorium and watching Tanmay Bhat host an event during his BMM days in the same college,
I told myself if I do something, it’s this. So here I am. I’m in my third year and Cutting Chai is
entering its sixth season. In these 3 years I tried to grasp every little piece of knowledge my
seniors imparted to make us capable of setting up an entire festival alone, ofcourse with a lot of
support from our ever-so-encouraging faculty. And this year that is exactly what I do. What we
do. I’m heading the Content department with my fellow partner in crime. There are 20 such
other departments. Art, Events, Hospitality, Judges, Sponsors, Media partners etc . This festival
would crumble in the absence of any of these departments.



Around 35 BMM colleges from all across Mumbai participate in Cutting Chai which is the
biggest Media festival of the city. With events related to media such as; radio, film making,
marketing, PR etc and ace judges from the fraternity like Mr AR Rahman, Kareena Kapoor,
Imran Khan, Ehsaan-Loy and more, we’re getting bigger by the year. In 2011 we went on a
journey across time, in 2012 we ‘tried all tasty’ clichés that are an instant formula to success and
this 2013 we’re going into the fictional world of television from the 20th to 22nd of February.
With a lot of conviction and dedication, the students are putting in their heart and soul.
Last year during our Drama event, Sir Boman Irani addressed us; he said some words that
poked me like a needle- “Once you enter the real world everything you do you’ll do for money,
that’s when you’ll understand the worth of working for your soul. Never sell your soul”.
Cutting Chai is our soul.

If I could sum up all those annoyingly joyous moments I spent in this department curled up in a
corner between two computer monitors- (my happy spot), I’d say:
We fight, we cry, we laugh, we crib but we stay up the entire night holding this festival by its
finger to make it walk. We live for Cutting Chai.

Signing off.
- A proud BMM student.


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