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So, you think you can write for Whackk! ? Well, I can't think of anything to say, except that's marvellous!

You see, writing for Whackk! comes with it's own range of awesome benefits. For starters, it means glory for yourself and your institute! It also results in quite a major lift to your awesome-ness! Also, we noticed that guys who contribute to Whackk! become irrestible to girls. And the gals who contribute? Well, they just become even more irrestible to boys.

OK, not really. I am just bluffing there. But it's quite possible, you know. And if you think you are good enough to get paid, you should tap/click this link.


How To?

Well, it's pretty simple. Just mail us your idea for an article along with a paragraph to show how you are planning to start it. If you maintain a blog or put up notes on Facebook, give us a link too (not necessary though). Mail all that to : [email protected] . If we like what we see (we usually do), we will ask you to send us the whole article. Capice?


Can I Contribute Regularly?

Hell yeah! We would like that very much. And regular contributors will have many more benefits. Like :

  1. Awesome-ness x 10
  2. Access to Whackk! secret meetings. (Subject to conditions)
  3. Chance to learn more about the way we work.
  4. Free crate of beer/Year's supply of chocolates (your choice).



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